Giving goes mobile

GiveEasy operates as an Australian social enterprise dedicated to making the future of giving a reality. Any surplus funds will be channelled back to the charity sector.

GiveEasy is a unique giving platform that allows charities and causes to connect to a new world of mobile and digital giving through solutions which include: the GiveEasy App, your own tailored charity App, SMS donations, a peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform and mobile and desktop donation solutions.

Whether you’re a charitable cause or a charitable giver, GiveEasy is a simple, fast, and secure way to join a future of giving and put you in control.

See how it works

The world has changed, and mobile devices and mobile computing is at the centre of that transformation. But most charities are not yet equipped for the new world of mobile communications, mobile computing, and mobile payments.

GiveEasy is the answer. A single mobile and digital payment platform that allows any charity to connect to the new world of donations. By connecting their cause to GiveEasy, a charity immediately has multiple options.

They can access thousands of GiveEasy app users through the GiveEasy charity “store”, pushing appeals to users and providing video content and cause updates direct to users’ mobile devices.

They can commission their own dedicated giving act, building in functionality unique to their charity and their needs. They can connect to SMS giving services. They can access a fast-growing community of workplace givers.

And they can streamline all new giving sources (from new fundraising sites to point-of-sale giving) through the GiveEasy payment platform.

By signing up to the GiveEasy platform, you will be included in the GiveEasy charity 'store', instantly connecting you with a fast-growing community of mobile givers.

Takes only five minutes to get your charity mobile

Go mobile with a custom designed app.

We know about not-for-profits and we know about mobile giving. Let us help you go mobile with a custom designed app. To find out more and see some of the apps we’ve already brought to life, visit www.appsforcharities.com.au

About GiveEasy

GiveEasy is dedicated to using technology to help make charitable giving a part of everyday life. The world is full of great charities, and endless opportunities to give to them.

Our mission is use technology to connect every charity with every opportunity to give. It’s that simple. Just like giving should be.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

The GiveEasy story began not with technology, but with a principle.

The belief that, as a society, we should all give more.

We recognized it’s not enough to ask people to give more. You have to give people more in return.

More information, more choice, more control. And, yes, more reward.

And that was where the idea for GiveEasy began.

The desire to make the act of giving simple (of course), but also smart and social.

The commitment to being part of the future of giving and taking by trying to change and increase giving in Australia

At the heart of the GiveEasy story is a belief that the future of giving looks very different to the reality of giving today.

The people behind GiveEasy

The people behind GiveEasy:

Dr Jeffrey Tobias

Jeffrey Tobias’ career in the application of information technology and innovation has spanned the worlds of academia, big and small business, government and research. In each environment his leadership, clarity of thought, creativity and drive have generated cutting edge advances and successes far beyond expectation. His broad and deep experience and extraordinarily wide skill set are almost certainly unique within the region.

Dr Tobias is an accomplished strategist, with years of commercial and business experience. He is a respected team leader and manager, with a history of motivating and leading teams in many and varied disciplines. One of his many strengths is his ability to communicate with people at all levels.

Dr Tobias is a thought leader in the area of Innovation, Collaboration and Globalisation.


Jeremy Tobias
Business Development

Jeremy Tobias has spent the last 7 years working in capital markets, having been involved with the raising of over $700M for ASX listed companies. Jeremy has advised companies in strategic decision making, M&A activity and capital raising activities. Jeremy is a Chartered Accountant and has a strong communication and analytical skill set. In 2008, Jeremy was ranked the No 5 analyst in the Asia/Pacific region in the Starmine competition whilst working at BBY Limited, a mid-tier investment bank. Jeremy has regularly been quoted in the media including the BRW, SMH and on CNBC.

Jeremy prides himself at being a market leader and is extremely excited to be working at GiveEasy.


Stacey Mano
Strategic Partnerships Manager

Stacey comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has been involved in the start up and on selling of many businesses she has created in different industries.

Stacey’s strength lies within growth and development and building solid relationships with all her clients with her ability to manage strategic partnerships whilst building a strong and credible reputation within the industry and amongst her peers. She is dedicated and committed in providing superior service.

Stacey sees GiveEasy as a game changer in the charity space and a way of bringing the connected world and the charitable world together as one. She believes GiveEasy is the way of the future – a way to truly make a difference to the world and the people who live in it.

James Chen
Head Developer

James has been a fundamental part of developing GiveEasy and is excited to be apart of Australia’s first charitable giving app for iOS.

James has his Masters of Project Management along with his Bachelor of Engineering and is a senior programmer specialised in application and website development. He has several years’ experience in developing and operating e-commerce websites based in Australia.



Contact GiveEasy Customer Service
Whatever the query, we’ll take care of it

General Inquiries:

Interested in signing up your charity?
Email us at stacey@giveeasy.org

Interested in your own branded app or partnership?
Email us at jeremy@giveeasy.org

Press & Media:

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GiveEasy joins forces with AUSTRALIA POST

GiveEasy is delighted to announce that Australia Post has signed an agreement with GiveEasy
where it will become a foundation sponsor and supporter of GiveEasy.

This is a major milestone for GiveEasy and we are so excited to have Australia Post on board.
We look forward to working with them on a number of exciting initiatives over
the coming weeks and months. This initiative again validates
Australia Post’s position in Australia as a market leader
in supporting “charitable giving.”

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