18 charity life-hacks to get digital fit for Christmas

Special tips and tricks to get donation traction

18 charity life-hacks to get digital fit for Christmas

We are stepping through the digital bootcamp for charities, and are now in week 3!

Once you have mapped out your campaign, and have setup your social channels, there are a few special tips and tricks to get those extra donations for your charity.

As the digital giving specialists, we see hundreds of campaigns. We see what works wonders to make Christmas appeals highly successful.

To keep things super easy, we have earmarked things you can do now to setup your campaign for success. Then we have other tips you can set in place closer to Christmas, when you are ready to amp up your visibility.

Now you can make your donation experience fit for the Christmas rush with these tips:


Things you can do now

Right now, you can start to add a few ideas to your giving appeal, to make giving even easier for your donors:


  • Tip #1: Video click trick for email
    Experiment with an image in your email which looks like a video (instead it’s a button), set the link to a pre-filled donation form (video to watch on that form).

When donors click on the link to see the video, it actually jumps to your donation page, where the video is embedded.

  • Tip #2: Add an easy link to give on direct mail
    When your donors get a letter in the mail, some will want to donate quickly and easily online.So you can just add a simple URL for them to type in their phone or desktop on the response mechanism.
    Make sure you can track it so you know how it has gone.

For example: www.yourcharity.org/easy-link


  • Tip #3: Make it festive
    Make your donation page mimic your appeal messaging. Switch your general donation page to your Christmas appeal page.


  • Tip #4: Make it personal
    Personalise, personalise, personalise! If you are still unsure how to start, you can follow our webinar from week 2.


  • Tip #5: Pre-fill donation forms
    To reduce drop-off, you can add the first name, last name, email and donation amount.


  • Tip #6: Numerous buttons in email
    When you send your appeal donation emails, make sure there are numerous opportunities (buttons!) for your donors to click on. No point writing emotive content but the call to actions are buried in the email.


  • Tip #7: Add PayPal to make it easy to give
    PayPal is a very common method of payment. Give your donors choice when they want to donate. There is a proportion of donors that will only use PayPal, so implement PayPal as an alternative to credit card at the point of payment.


  • Tip #8: Keep your data capture fields to a minimum
    When donating, supporters want to give quickly without filling in too many fields on forms. So best practice is to keep the fields to a minimum.


  • Tip #9: Segment your data
    Be sure to send the right messages to the right audiences. Spending that extra time to segment your data is well worth the effort. See our bootcamp from week 1 to help map out your audiences.


  • Tip #10: Track everything
    It’s important to know which channel worked best and what improvements need to be made. Without tracking, you will not be able to properly analyse results and plan for your next appeal.


Things to switch later

Closer to Christmas, when you are in the middle of your appeal, here are a few tricks you can include to infuse a sense of urgency to give now.

  • Tip #11: Try a double donations day
    Double donations is a great way to motivate your donors. You can add a live thermometer for maximum effect. We have a donation page you can use to show donors the total amount raised.


  • Tip #12: Add a countdown timer
    Create a sense of urgency in the last week before Christmas by adding a count down timer on your donation page.


  • Tip #13: Pin giving post on social
    This is simple to do. Your social media audience are potential donors. You may be surprised but some organisations run their entire not for profit from social media.


  • Tip #14: Keep up the reminders
    At Christmas, people intend to give to charity, but it can slip their mind. Your donors will appreciate a gentle reminder to give. So don’t hold back with email and SMS, don’t be afraid to send multiple emails and SMS.


  • Tip #15: Answer the phones as we get closer to Christmas
    There’s nothing worse than a donor ringing up to donate and getting a recorded message. Make sure phones are diverted if necessary during lunch breaks and prepare your staff on the phones as to what to say to maximize donations.


  • Tip #16: Choose your words for SMS
    Make it super urgent to donate. Use words to create immediacy such as help, last chance, urgent or we are still short. Ask us to help setup your SMS campaign.


  • Tip #17: Split-test sending your SMS
    Send half on Friday, half on Monday – this year Christmas Eve falls on a Monday. Split test your SMS sends between the Friday and the Monday.


  • Tip #18: Say thanks swiftly
    Thank you donors immediately after their gift but just as important to keep them updated on where the funds are going as a warm up for your next campaign.


At GiveEasy, we specialise in digital giving. If you want help to setup your Christmas campaign today, just drop us an email at jeremy@giveeasy.org.

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