21 digital fundraising tips to help you get ready for the Christmas rush

21 days to Christmas

There are just 21 days 'til Christmas

We have compiled a list of 21 tips to help you get ready for the Christmas rush!

As the digital giving specialists, we see hundreds of campaigns. We see what works wonders to make donation pages highly successful.

Now you can make your donation experience fit for the Christmas rush with these tips:


Start with best practice donation pages

There is no better time to ensure your donation pages are Christmas ready. Here is a checklist of things to look out for:


  • Tip #21: Make it mobile friendly
    This is simply a must, be sure that your donation pages are mobile friendly.


  • Tip #20: Make it easy to track
    Dynamically create different versions for various channels to track the donation source.


  • Tip #19: Reduce clicks to donate
    Make your donation button easy to access from your website and social channels. This time of year people just want to give without any hassle.


  • Tip #18: Video, video, video
    Use the power of video to make your appeal powerful and engaging.


  • Tip #17: Keep the forms easy
    When donating, supporters want to give quickly without filling in too many fields in forms.


  • Tip #16: Remove robot verification
    With secure donation services, there is no need for this extra verification step. All our donation pages are secure.


  • Tip #15: Add Facebook pixel
    With GiveEasy you can now add a pixel to your donation page for tracking and retargeting on your social channels.


See those who have made the switch

Charities who made the switch to best-practice donation pages last week, are already seeing the benefits of more donations.

You can now have a high performance donation page directly from your website and social channels. Setup a new donation page from scratch in just a few minutes, with your own images and copy.

Some examples of direct from website donation pages:

  • Tip #14: See it in action like Sight for All
    Excellent example of donation page directly from Sight for All website and all social channels.

    See donation page for Sight for All



Send donation emails to top up year-end giving

Email is a powerful tool to reach vast audiences quickly this Christmas. It is much cheaper than mail, and can be personalised to suit your donors.

Don’t waste your outstanding email copy, you can send it out with personalised giving, to remove any last barriers to donations.

With the power of personalisation, you can pre-fill the donation forms with preferred donation amounts customised for each donor.

You can send one each week in the lead-up to Christmas, to be fresh in the inbox.


  • Tip #12: Click once to donate
    Make your donate button easy to see and directly to giving page on your email.


  • Tip #11: Make it personalised
    Use unique amounts per donor based on last amount donated.


  • Tip #10: Pre-fill your donation forms
    With the power of personalisation, you can pre-fill the donation forms with preferred donation amounts customised for each donor.


  • Tip #9: Stay fresh in the inbox
    Don’t be afraid to send multiple emails through the campaign.


  • Tip #8: Keep it festive
    Focus on Christmas messaging, as people want to give at this time of the year.


Catch last-minute giving with SMS

Donations are often left to the last minute. Why not make giving easy by sending out a last-minute SMS?

A staggering 98% of text messages are opened and read. That’s why we know the sheer power of SMS to cut through the clutter and get those precious donations.

People are donating all the way up to the last day, so you can go ahead and send your messages out in the last week leading up to Christmas.

Remember that all the smart functionality is available on SMSes. We pre-fill the forms to make giving swift and easy.


  • Tip #7: Send your SMS in the week before Christmas
    Capture those last few donations the week before the holidays.


  • Tip #6: Make it emotive and urgent
    Your SMS will have greater impact when it has a clear timeline to act.


  • Tip #5: Tailor giving amount to each donor
    You can customise the donation amount for each donor.


  • Tip #4: Pre-fill your donation forms
    To reduce drop-off, you can add the first name, last name, email and donation amount


  • Tip #3: Choose the best time to hit send
    For maximum effect, send at 10am or 7pm.


  • Tip #2: Say thank you
    Send a follow up thank you message to your donors via SMS early in the new year


  • Tip #1: Book it all in advance
    Make sure you are setup for your donation pages, emails and SMS messages to your supporters.


It's never too late to capture those end of year donations.

Get ready for the Christmas rush today.



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