Blink and you will miss it

June has arrived so quickly! In the charity world, that means you are right in the middle of your major giving campaign. 

To help you make the most of these precious days in June, we want to give you a few tips that you can set in place today to boost those important donations in just 15 minutes.

Remember: Right now, people just want to donate to charity across your various channels, so make is as easy as possible.

5 things you can do today to make more this tax time

#1: Update your home page banner - Make the most of your website

Make sure your donors know where to click when they get to your website. Leukaemia Foundation have done an excellent job to keep messaging consistent across their giving platforms.

#2: Pinned posts - Pin your donor posts on social

To give your donors a consistent experience everywhere they see you, keep your donation post pinned on all your social channels.

Save the Bilby have made the most of social by pinning their donation post.

#3: Email signatures - Use every digital medium

Think about how many people you email throughout the day? Your email signature is a clever space to share your current campaign.

Why not link to your donation page, just like Kidney Health?

#4: Update your copy - Switch your copy to create urgency

Update your copy to create the urgency across all channels – if it referred ‘in June’ change it to ‘this month’. Don’t be afraid to create even more urgency in the last few days leading into 30 June.

#5: Plan your last-minute donation SMS

The end of your campaign, sending an SMS is king. Exactly why we specialise in SMS giving. Give us a call to setup your text messages this tax time.

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