Enlist the help of your friends, work mates and charity champions with the power of crowdfunding. Or startup a team activity to raise funds for charity.


Crowdfunding is a great way to motivate your supporters to give to your cause. Setup an urgent call to action for your charity. You can follow the total amount raised as it happens in real time.

Crowdfunding to raise more money for your charity


Create a sense of community quickly, by enlisting the help of your donors and supporters for an urgent call to action. Enhance the strength of your crowd.


  • Setup crowdfunding page in minutes
  • Tailor to your page with video, images and story
  • Receive real-time donations from your supporters via your page and integrate with SMS
  • Track progress of goals with tally
  • Share video content
  • Help drive engagement
  • Create hype
  • Consolidate your crowdfunding to one page


  • Create a sense of community quickly
  • Raise funds for your project
  • Motivate your team with goal tracking
  • Great for social media
  • Easy to monitor


Save a horse crowdfunding campaign

Save a Horse Australia urgently needed to raise $70K to clear outstanding vet bills that had built up over a number of months.

The organisation set up a crowdfunding campaign, with a goal, emotive pictures of the horses that they had saved in the past few months and an emotive blurb of where the funds were going.

Amazingly, 36 hours after posting on social media, the money was raised with over 1,000 supporters giving to the cause. The organisation had never raised this amount of funds before in one go and were amazed with the viral growth of the campaign. Giving supporters the opportunity to give via URL and also uniquely SMS (with all the donations integrating in one place) made sure this campaign was a success.

Setup peer to peer giving in minutes


Find the champions in your community to raise funds on your behalf. Perfect for team events from a walk, run to swim for charity.


  • Setup team or individual pages
  • Fundraising by supporters, volunteers or participants
  • Activity based social fundraising
  • Supporters can give via your own page and SMS


  • Setup group and corporate fundraising pages
  • Fun run, walk, ride
  • Corporate giving days
  • Integrate peer to peer with instant SMS donations


Save Our Sons has run successful community campaigns.


Follow a father's fight to save his sons and all the sons and daughters living with Dauchenne.

We’ve worked with Save Our Sons on their “Walk to Save Our Sons” for the past three years.

Save Our Sons has successfully raised over $300K each year as fundraisers raise money in their efforts to Walk from Melbourne to Canberra to raise money to find a cure.

With branded peer to peer fundraising pages, each fundraiser is able to use their own page and their name as a keyword to raise money with their family, friends and colleagues to reach their goal.