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Personalise and supercharge your emails

Want to mimic individual direct mail asks on your emails?
Want to maximise the donations from each individual donor you email?
Want to make the donation form as frictionless as possible?
Want to allow one click donations from emails?
Want to give your donors the best possible personalised experience on emails?

GiveEasy’s personalised pre-fill email solution makes sure you can answer YES to all of these and more.

You are still in control of your emails, (content and sending), GiveEasy just provides personalised links for you to embed in the emails to get the results. Below is an example of how a personalised email looks. 

Personalised donation forms

Personalised donation forms enhance the giving power of your emails, by personalising the donation form. Each donor will receive their own tailored form, making giving to charity effortless. including name, email and unique amount for each donor. Donors just need to enter payment details reducing drop off. If they have donated via GiveEasy before, it’s a one click giving solution. 

One-click donations

If a donor has given before, give them a seamless experience by giving at the click of a button with GiveEasy’s simple solution to giving with ease.

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