Tax checklist: 5 ways to manage peak giving time

Tax time checklist: 5 ways to manage peak giving time

It is just 10 days to go before the end of financial year. People will start to decide which charity to support for their annual tax deductible donation.

To make the most of this peak giving time, here are a few reminders to check to capture these last-minute donations.

One: Schedule your tax time emails

Email is an easy way to stay connected to your donors, who may need a simple email from their favourite charity to remind them to claim their tax deductible donations.

Be sure to make donating easy by personalising the donation link.

Remind them of the impact their donations will make to the projects you support.  You can create a sense of urgency simply by using the 30 June deadline.

Two: Add a visual cue to your website

Visual cues to remind donors that 30 June is approaching is highly successful. We have seen charities that use a simple countdown timer on their website are doubling their donations.

Three: Update your newsfeed

Stay in touch with your donors on social media by publishing regular updates on your projects. Explain in real terms how their donations will make a material impact to your cause. Simply pin a donation reminder to the top of your news feed, it makes a real difference.

Four: Schedule your SMS for 29/30 June

We know that people leave things to the last minute every year. One way to make sure the process is effortless is to send an SMS with a pre-filled form.

Five: Talk to your coffee maker

Even your favourite coffee maker is deciding which charity to support this year. Be sure to talk to all those you meet about the charity you work with, and that there are just a few days left to the end of financial year.

You just never know where your small talk will take you.

Make the most of these two weeks

We help charities to make the most of peak giving periods, like tax time. If you need assistance with your donation strategy, give us a call today.

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