Giving can be addictive, just like your phone and favourite coffee

We know that people are addicted to their phones. We simply cannot leave a message unread, or ignore that little bell when a message is awaiting.

As a charity, you can make the most of this toolkit to inspire people to give. With a well-crafted text message, sent at the right time, your supporters will respond quickly.

At GiveEasy, we call it outbound SMS, and we know how to use this medium to maximise donations.

 Charities who added this powerful solution to their donation strategy brought in up to ten times their investment in last-minute, additional donations.

Choose outbound SMS as the perfect last-minute tactic to complement your existing channels.

You can make the most of this wave of giving for Christmas.


Top 5 reasons to add outbound SMS to your Christmas campaign

1. Text messages are irresistible

A staggering 98 per cent of text messages are read.  Let that sink in.

Think how that compares to the average open rates for fundraising emails, that’s 24 per cent according to MailChimp.

SMS doesn’t compete with a cluttered inbox, it just sends your most urgent message, straight to your supporters hearts and minds.

2. SMS inspires instant action

Text messages instantly captures the impulse to give. Wherever your supporters are, and whatever they’re doing, they can respond on the spot.

Gifts are given before people get swamped in busy lives.

3. Forms are getting smarter

We all know that the easier you make donating, the more people give. So suggest the recommended gift amount, and make the forms easy to use.

So to speed things up for first-time SMS donors, we’ll pre-fill donation forms with each donor’s details and suggested donation amounts, based on each individual’s giving history.

4. Give once and become a lifetime legend

For repeat givers, the process is even easier – they simply to click on an amount, and confirm their gift. Just four seconds to make a donation.

5. Low cost when it is needed most

With instant SMS donations, so it’s quick and easy to set up, and extremely low cost. The first few additional donations will quickly recoup your investment.

And our experts are here to help you with everything, from setup to writing great copy.

We know what works!


Outbound SMS is the giving sweetener of choice

The best thing about SMS is that you can add it to any fundraising strategy at any point.

SMS is an add-on strategy that lets you reach out in the last few days before your Christmas. You can reach those who have not yet responded, in one text message blast.

It’s incredibly powerful. This simple text message captures all those who really meant to donate, but got swept away with Christmas preparations.

This gives them a quick, easy way to take action, right then and there.

And the results are stunning.

Unlock the power of outbound SMS.

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