Greet your donors personally, just like Obama

Greet your donors personally, just like Obama

What does the Obama campaign, an Australian medical charity and a community foundation have in common?

In one swift email, they received a unique tax time donation of over $10,000, as well as many other smaller amounts.

The formula is quite simple; it is to greet your supporter with their favourite donation amount pre-filled.

It is such a clever idea, and you can add this to your email campaign in less than an hour.

We know that you have worked to build a strong connection with your supporters, to educate and inspire donors about your valuable cause.

Now you can use this understanding to transform the donation experience, by providing your supporters with personalised URLs when you send out your eDMs.

Take personalisation to the next level

Remember, the easier it is to give, the more likely people are to donate.

  1. Greet your donors as friends, just like Obama 

    We have seen great success with personalised donation forms. The Obama campaign used personalised donations successfully in his campaigns, raising millions and you can use this same contextual understanding of your supporters.

Tip: Simply add a personalised donation link to your planned EDM campaign.

  1. Pre-filling goes the extra mile 

    Make the most of every interaction with your supporters, by pre-filling your donation forms. It simply makes the donation experience easier.

Tip: Personalise the donations forms, even adding a suggested dollar amount.

  1. So easy to implement, working with your current campaigns 

    Simply recreate your campaign across all channels.

Tip: You still write and send the EDM, and our unique links are easy to use with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Vision 6, Marketo and more.

  1. Digital donations are trusted 

    We’ve already seen success this tax time, we have had two donations over the past week with unique amounts each over $10,000.

Tip: Obtain significantly sized donations with your dedicated supporters by making their donation experience seamless and easy.

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