October 4, 2017 2:06 pm

Recently we talked to Australia’s much-loved charity The Royal Flying Doctor Service (QLD) about their latest fundraising campaign and how they achieved outstanding results.

What made you choose to run a digital campaign?

“We wanted to make it easy for our supporters to donate.”

“Digital really works for an integrated campaign. You can track where donations are coming from, digital is quick and easy.”

The team added digital fundraising to their current multifaceted campaign for two main reasons:

  1. To make it simple and easy for their supporters to donate.

  2. To track their donations and gain a true understanding of their marketing efforts as a state-based fundraising team as most offline donations are untraceable.

What were the results of your campaign? 

The success of The Royal Flying Doctor Service (QLD)’s campaign raised more than double of their last year’s digital giving. 

What were the elements of your campaign do you think helped with this success? 

The three key elements that helped The Royal Flying Doctor Service (QLD)’s campaign fly sky high were:

  1. 1
The Royal Flying Doctor Service (QLD) made use of their vast supporter data by using smart text and pre-fill technology to personalise their EDMs and donation pages as well as make donating easier.

“Pre-filling makes it as easy as possible to donate. It takes our data and smoothes out the donation process. It helps our donors not get frustrated. It is so easy, they just go ahead and donate.”
  1. 2
    Matched Giving
“We were lucky enough to have a very generous friend of The Royal Flying Doctor Service, who agreed to match donations in June.”

By using donation matching, it gave the added incentive to donate, particularly with the end of the financial year approaching. 

“We had people phone up to ask if they had made it in time to double their donation. It really resonated with our supporters.”
  1. 3
    Use of Story
“We chose a story all about heroes.”

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (QLD)’s campaign told the story of how three young sisters and their grandfather survived a harrowing road accident with the help of their services. Naturally, the story lends itself to heroes; from the family who survived, to the rescue team who risked their lives to save the girls. 

With such a feel good story used in the campaign it really helped The Royal Flying Doctor Service (QLD) tug on the heart strings of their supporters and dimensionalised the impact they make through their donations.

Why did you choose GiveEasy?

“It is difficult to measure conversions through analytics. With GiveEasy it was measurable and trackable.”

As a state-based organisation, with multiple campaigns across various channels, tracking the success of The Royal Flying Doctor Service (QLD)’s efforts was difficult. By using a digital fundraising solution like GiveEasy tracking conversions and measuring our success was easy. Using emails as well as GiveEasy’s pre-filling and donation page software we found a “cost effective way to remind people to make the most of taxable deductions”.

Royal Flying Doctor Service (QLD)

With GiveEasy it was a no-brainer. For the small cost, we got amazing results. 

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