How to be a hero like the Flying Doctors

Turbocharge giving with personalised donation pages via email

Peak donation season in Australia falls in June, when charities use every possible avenue to make giving swift and effortless.

With charities flocking to digital solutions, we can now objectively look at which levers take a campaign from good to great.

At GiveEasy, we work with hundreds of charities to help make an impact at this critical time, and one of the most important factors for digital donations is personalisation.

One of the campaigns that stands out is the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section), who used personalised donation pages, all pre-filled including unique dollar handles with outstanding results.

We talked to Australia’s much-loved charity, who offer world-leading aeromedical services to see how they took digital personalisation from the runway to the skies.

The mission

“We wanted to make it easy for our supporters to donate.”

The team wanted to add digital giving to their current multi-faceted campaign and make it super simple to donate. As a state-based fundraising team, tracking donation success is inexact as a lot of donations are untraceable. By adding personalised donation pages to their campaign, the team were able to gain a true understanding of their marketing efforts.

Their success was more than double of last year’s digital giving, and this is how their campaign flew sky high.

Lesson 1: Take the leap into digital

“As we are still finding our way in the digital fundraising space, we were willing to try out a new approach”

The Flying Doctor chose the smart email solution, which pre-fills donation forms with the name, email and unique amount, so that it is super easy for donors to give. Even better, if they have donated previously via GiveEasy, it is just one click and they are done.

“Digital really works for an integrated campaign. You can track where donations are coming from, digital is quick and easy.”

The team used email as a “cost effective way to remind people to make the most of taxable deductions”.

Lesson 2: Tell a heroic story

“We chose a story all about heroes.”

The story for our campaign was one that seemed impossible, where three young sisters and their grandfather survived a harrowing road accident.

Naturally the story lends itself to heroes, from the family who survived, to the rescue team who risked their lives to save the girls.

Be a hero with the Flying Doctors

Heroes story: How did they survive?

The story we chose, follows twin sisters Ruby and Molly who were only six, and their big sister Jade-Ellen who was just eight. Little Molly was the most seriously injured, as she took the full force of the impact.

Her life was saved that day by the actions of several heroes, including the emergency responders who attended the accident, the Flying Doctor aeromedical team that flew her to Brisbane for intensive care, and last but not least, Molly’s big sister Jade-Elle – who took it upon herself to climb back into the wreckage in order to release Molly’s seatbelt.

It is an incredible story, you can read it here.

“They are all heroes, from the family who survived an impossible accident, to the rescuers who risked their lives to save the girls.”

Be a hero with the Flying Doctors

You can be a hero and make a donation to the Flying Doctor today. It’s a chance to help save children like Ruby, Molly and Jade-Elle.

Lesson 3: Use your data to greet donors personally

“Pre-filling makes it as easy as possible to donate. It takes our data and smoothes out the donation process. It helps our donors not get frustrated. It is so easy, they just go ahead and donate.”

We know that charities have access to vast supporter databases. Digital pre-filling is the critical innovation that allows this data to make donating easier.

Lesson 4: Partner with a friend of the charity

“We were lucky enough to have a very generous friend of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, who agreed to match donations in June.”

By using donation matching, it gave the added incentive to donate, particularly with the end of financial year approaching. “We had people phone up to ask if they had made it in time to double their donation. It really resonated with our supporters.”

Donation matching is one of the trends Australian charities are embracing for time-based campaigns. You can learn more about how other campaigns have maximised the power of double donations at our fundraising solutions page.

Lesson 5: Donation tracking makes all the difference

“It is difficult to measure conversions through analytics. With GiveEasy it was measurable and trackable.”

As a state-based organisation, with multiple campaigns across various channels, tracking the success of our efforts is difficult.

Lesson 6: Every little bit adds up

“With GiveEasy is was a no-brainer, for the small cost, we got amazing results”

We sent out a series of emails, with personalised donation links. Each supporter got a unique link. When they go to donate, the form already has their details pre-filled including unique amounts.

It just makes the donation process much easier, and people go ahead and donate.

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