How to gamify your next event

Last weekend was the annual grand finalé, for all the dancers, performers and musicians for the Dancing with the Stars events. All in support of the Cancer Council NSW. This was the last dancing event of the year, after more than 15 extraordinary events across New South Wales since March this year.

Why are these events so successful?

At GiveEasy, we have been working with Cancer Council NSW for the past three years, and there are some key lessons here on how they brought a fun, gaming element to their events.

Find your local area stars

Each local region planned their own event, with the know-how and tools available to make each one a standout success.

Keeping these events local truly helps to build strong communities, and brings dancers and celebrities together for a good cause.

  • Build a local community

Each dancer is a star fundraiser

Dancers at these events are paired with a celebrity or star in their own right. Each dancer is then a champion for fundraising for the cancer, and rallies a team of supporters for their team.

  • Each dancer is a champion for the cause, raising funds and awareness in the leadup to the event

Months of training and community building

Celebrities and dancers work on their routine for months, and build up supporters along the way. Sharing updates from the rehearsals are the perfect way to invite friends, family and extended community to be part of the event.

  • Share progress updates on social media

Big night of dancing for cancer

After all the rehearsals, it it time to perform on stage. So it’s lights, camera and action! The audience is filled with friends, family and supporters and want to see their favourite dancer succeed.

  • Setup text to give for the event, so that supporters can give at the event

On the night, each troupe of dancers wows the crowd with their performance. Behind them on the big screen is a text the DANCERS NAME to a number (this is the same for all the dancers) to donate and vote.

  • Show text to give for each performer, to build up votes and donations

Audience members and social media followers can text their favourite dancer’s name to send them a vote, and give to charity at the same time.

  • Share on social media, so that those online can show their support and text to give

People’s choice award, voted by text

Before the judges make their call on who the winner is, the people’s choice award is announced.

  • People’s choice award is often a crowd pleaser. The data is ready at hand through the GiveEasy portal.

The winner is…

People’s choice winner is awarded to the dancer who got the most votes by text. Audience members votes are tallied up, and the winner is announced. The GiveEasy back-end makes it simple to determine the winner (based on donations) in real time.

  • Real-time votes and donations are easy to tally up.

Then the judges also deliberate on the performances throughout the night, and finally the winner is announced.

Live audiences love to text

We know this formula works at events, because people in the audience want to be part of the experience, and support their favourite dancer.

Anyone can get involved, there is no app to download, simply text your dancer’s name to a number and it is all tracked live.

You can use this live data (even through a live thermometer bar) to give updates at the event, and keep the crowds motivated.

TRY IT YOURSELF – Text ADAM to 0437 371 371 to donate and vote now.

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