Looking to unlock fundraising success for your charity?

Here is our library of free webinars designed purely for charities in Australia. Each webinar is designed to up-skill fundraising professionals to meet and exceed fundraising goals. 

Learn new techniques and digital best practice, and hear success stories and proven strategies you can implement with ease.

These webinar topics include building you own donation page, crowdfunding, email giving, donor communication and the list goes on!

Digital giving series for tax time

Raise more funds across digital this tax time

Webinar: 6 ways to raise more money with digital this tax time

In this webinar you will learn tools and techniques to supercharge your digital campaign for tax time.

This includes:

  1. How to best set up your donation pages across digital assets
  2. How to pre-fill donor details to power your emails for the best results
  3. Why SMS should be in your mix at tax time

You will also see best-practice techniques including lots of examples of organisations that have performed well at key appeal times and what they did to achieve these results.

Unlock the power of email to raise funds for your charity this tax time

Webinar: 5 Tips to significantly increase donations from email

In this webinar, we will share proven tactics to significantly increase donations from your emails.

With email open rates on the decline it is even more important you make the experience as simple and as easy for your donors. We will show how successful charities structure their emails to get more clicks and donations.

We will unlock the secret of how pre-filled donation forms gets the best results.

We invited Samantha Bailey, Donor Development Officer from Royal Flying Doctors Service QLD to share her tips on their successes with digital and how they have grown their income through emails over the past few appeal campaigns.

You will be equipped to raise more funds, achieve greater conversions and importantly give your donors a better customer experience.

How to win with SMS this tax time.

Webinar: 5 easy wins with SMS this tax time

Sending a last-minute SMS to donate at tax time is becoming part of fundraising mix for most not for profits, but it can sometimes seem more like voodoo than science.

What strategies actually work? And better yet, which ones will yield the biggest return for your effort?

GiveEasy has spent the last three years working with not-for-profits sending over 1,000 campaigns for small to large organisations.

We have developed a formula to maximise your revenue through sending a last-minute text this tax time. We will run through 5 easy wins all non-profits can implement in 15 minutes to increase SMS donations.

We will also show you examples of SMSes that have yielded great results from Oxfam Australia, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, St Kilda Mums and Australian Red Cross.