Looking to unlock fundraising success for your charity?

Here is our library of free webinars designed purely for charities in Australia.

Each webinar is designed to up-skill fundraising professionals to meet and exceed fundraising goals. 

Learn new techniques and digital best practice, and hear success stories and proven strategies you can implement with ease.

Webinars on key trends in fundraising

Webinar: Giving day with Tyler Juel from The Reach Foundation


Giving Day Webinar

Tyler Juel, Head of Fundraising and Marketing at The Reach Foundation will be sharing some invaluable insights on running a Giving Day.


Webinar: SMS for tax time


Webinar on how to use SMS to get last-minute donations in this tax time.

Discussed in this webinar:

  1. WHY send an SMS
  2. WHAT wording works best
  3. WHETHER personalised SMSes get the best results
  4. WHEN is the best time to send an SMS


Online session: Tax time digital fundraising tips


Zoom session with CEO Jeremy Tobias discussing the current fundraising climate.

He shares some insights and ideas from current appeals in the market.

Insights discussed:

  1. Current climate + Digital trends in giving
  2. Personalisation on Email and SMS
  3. Email tricks


Webinar: Digital Fundraising through COVID-19


Zoom session with GiveEasy team discussing tips around digital giving for Tax time.

WIth the focus on persoanlisation across all digital channels.

Insights discussed:

  1. The early bird catches the donation!
  2. Critical Messaging is Winning
  3. Gamification tactics are working
  4. Multichannel is key
  5. Take stock of your digital


Webinar: How To Start Fundraising For Beginners

No matter where you are in the planning of your Christmas fundraising, there is still time to get a digital fundraising campaign up and running.

After all, Christmas is a time of giving!

Digital makes it simple and easy, if you have the right tactics in place.

Here is the wrap-up of the webinar, where we mapped out practical strategy and great examples on how to raise more for your charity this Christmas.

Specifically, we covered:
1. How to tell your story
2. How to tap into your audiences
3. Mapping out your channels
4. Setting fundraising goals
5. Content checklist + calendar
6. Tech toolkit for success
7. Saying thanks at every stage


Webinar: How to grow your impact with digital fundraising this Christmas

In this webinar, we discuss how to grow your impact with digital fundraising for your Christmas.

Our discussion follows a traditional marketing approach on how to attract, activate, amplify and appreciate your donors with dynamic digital tools.

We know how important it is to amplify your appeal across all of your channels whilst give your donors the best online experience possible.

Specifically, we will cover:

  1. Best practices to acquire new donors
  2. Tactics to retain your current donors
  3. Features which gamify the gift giving experience.
  4. Unlock the power of thanks

We will share a number of best practice examples from successful campaigns.

This webinar is suitable for all organisations, no matter the size or stage of your digital fundraising journey.

Webinar: Matched giving is for everyone

Matched giving is a super trend sweeping Australian charities. We’ve just seen hundreds of charities ran matched giving appeals in June.

At GiveEasy, we see matched giving as an excellent formula for success, no matter the size of your organisation.

This webinar is suitable for all organisations, from those that are at the start to those that have successfully run a matched giving appeal.

Specifically, we will outline:

  1. Who to approach for a matching gift
  2. How to make the best out of your channels through matched giving
  3. What are the key ingredients you need for success
  4. Examples of successful matched giving appeals

We will also walk through why 24 hour giving days are popular and specifically highlight the key ingredients for success.

Webinar: How to become a digital fundraising star overnight

In this webinar, we walk through the steps to success for your next charity fundraising campaign. 

We speak first-hand to two rising stars in the digital fundraising space, who have taken their charity campaigns to the skies!

Meet Julie Mullen from Variety – the Children’s Charity of Queensland who will talk through their recent success in June. 

Then hear from Simone Plunkett from Brisbane Lions Foundation who had an amazing first campaign on digital over tax time this year..

Tax-Time Webinars

Webinar: 5 Easy ways to win donors over on digital

We will share quick and easy ways you can implement digital solutions across all your channels to give donors a great experience and raise more funds this tax-time.

Recent studies show that if donors have a great experience, they will give to multiple projects, share with their friends and convert to loyal supporters.

We will share why creating a great donor experience gets better results, across donation pages, email, SMS and social.

We will also walk you through how other successful organisations have set up their digital campaigns to make the most of tax-time.

This webinar is suitable for organisations looking to improve their digital channels.

Webinar: 6 ways to raise more money with digital this tax time

Raise more funds across digital this tax time

In this webinar you will learn tools and techniques to supercharge your digital campaign for tax time.

This includes:

  • How to best set up your donation pages across digital assets
  • How to pre-fill donor details to power your emails for the best results
  • Why SMS should be in your mix at tax-time

You will also see best-practice techniques including lots of examples of organisations that have performed well at key appeal times and what they did to achieve these results.

Webinar: 5 Tips to significantly increase donations from email

With email open rates on the decline it is even more important you make the experience as simple and as easy for your donors.

In this webinar, we will share proven tactics to significantly increase donations from your emails.

We will show how successful charities structure their emails to get more clicks and donations.

We will unlock the secret of how pre-filled donation forms gets the best results.

We invited Samantha Bailey, Donor Development Officer from Royal Flying Doctors Service QLD to share her tips on their successes with digital and how they have grown their income through emails over the past few appeal campaigns.

You will be equipped to raise more funds, achieve greater conversions and importantly give your donors a better customer experience.

Webinar: 5 easy wins with SMS this tax time

What strategies actually work? And better yet, which ones will yield the biggest return for your effort?

Sending a last-minute SMS to donate at tax time is becoming part of fundraising mix for most not for profits, but it can sometimes seem more like voodoo than science.

GiveEasy has spent the last three years working with not-for-profits sending over 1,000 campaigns for small to large organisations.

We have developed a formula to maximise your revenue through sending a last-minute text this tax time. We will run through 5 easy wins all non-profits can implement in 15 minutes to increase SMS donations.

We will also show you examples of SMSes that have yielded great results from Oxfam Australia, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, St Kilda Mums and Australian Red Cross.

Christmas-Time Webinars

Webinar: 12 Proven tactics to raise more on digital this Christmas

We are sharing the best tactics to raise more on digital this Christmas

The last two weeks before Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for donations, so it’s important you take full advantage of peak giving. 

In this webinar you will learn proven tactics and techniques to maximise donations close to Christmas. 

We will walk through set up and implementation so you will be able to implement quickly and easily within your organisation for this Christmas campaign. 

We will demonstrate live examples and case studies from small, medium and large organisations.

Webinar: 6 tips to make digital giving personal this Christmas

Tangible ways you can personalise the donation experience this Christmas across donation pages, email, SMS and social.

In this webinar, we will provide you easy to implement tangible ways you can personalise the donation experience this Christmas across donation pages, email, SMS and social.

Recent research has shown that 60% of donors would give more in exchange for a more personalised experience.

We will go through case studies and show you why personalisation gets stronger results.

You will leave the webinar with a strong understanding of how you can add personalistion to your Christmas campaign.