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SMS Unlocked Week 1 – The Magic SMS Formula

Step into the magic of SMS

30th June is just around the corner and we are counting down to tax time.


With just a few weeks to go, now is perfect time to step into the magic of SMS. 


With our winning SMS formula, you’ll be able to secure those last minute donations for your charity this tax time. 



Why choose SMS?


  • SMS has a 98% read-rate – Adobe
  • 80% people have their mobile with them 20 hours a day – Adweek
  • Millennials check their phones more than 150 times a day – Inc



Emotive Copy

#1. Emotive copy
Everything revolves around the emotive copy in 160 characters.

Make an impact with every word by choosing words that are urgent and emotive. Use your limited characters to maximise your impact. 

Some examples of words that work well with SMS:

  • Urgent
  • Last Chance
  • We’re Still Short
  • Please
  • Midnight
  • Help
  • Hope

#2. Make it personal with pre-filled forms
SMS as a medium can be super personal.


Make it easy for your donors to give by pre-filling their name, email and even unique giving amounts in the form.


Donors on their phones need a simple and frictionless experience. Providing this will mean more donations for your charity.




#3. Send at the right time 

This year, you can reach your donors when it matters most.

Create a sense of urgency by sending a reminder SMS close to a deadline. 

June 30th is a Sunday this year, which makes timing even more important.


3 options as to when to send: 

1. Send on Friday the 28th of June

2. Send on Sunday the 30th of June

3. Send half Friday 28th of June, and send the second half on Sunday the 30th of June

#4. Give your donors the choice of PayPal

Donors prefer to have choice when giving. 


With the rise of digital wallets, giving your donors choice results in more conversions for your charity. 


Be sure to add PayPal as alternative so that you can capture the most donations in your campaign.



Thanks for joining us for Week 1 of our SMS Unlocked Series.

Check out Week 2 here

Now that you’ve got the formula, put the magic into practice for your charity with the help of our exclusive SMS checklist.


This will give you actionable steps towards SMS success and raise you more money this tax time. 


Sign up to receive it by texting ‘MAGIC‘ to 0473 000 111 or clicking here


We are the SMS experts here at GiveEasy. For further help in setting up your SMS campaign, enquire here. 

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