Make 2018 your best year yet

Make 2018 your best year yet

Make 2018 your best year yet

2018 is here, and GiveEasy has the fundraising tools you need to get your year off to a great start. We are building the best tools to improve your beautiful donation page creator.

Here is a look at some new functionality now available for you:


New tool #1: Add a live thermometer bar

Motivate your supporters to give more and feel part of a community. You can now add a live thermometer bar to your page to allow your supporters to track donations in real time.

This adds excitement when you are getting close to your target, encouraging your supporters to give a little more to help you reach your fundraising goal.

The live thermometer bar refreshes in real time to show up-to-the-second donations.

See how Australian Red Cross created a sense of belonging.


New tool #2: Add tailored fields to your donation form

When it comes to fields on donation forms, less is always more.

And sometimes you really need to capture some extra information about your supporters. So we have added unlimited fields to the donation form toolkit.

We do recommend less is more at the moment of donation, we are here to advise on best-practice forms. Just reach out if you have any questions.

We are inspired by the page Dressed for Success recently crafted.


New tool # 3: Improved mobile experience

You can now hide images or text on mobile and show on desktop

Streamline your mobile donation page, by hiding or showing text and images. You can keep the detail on desktop and minimise on mobile. From one page, you can create a completely responsive donation page.


New tool #4: Add a read more button

Need more space on the page? You can now add a ‘read more’ button.

You can now add a “Read More” button allowing supporters to find out more information about your cause without filling the page with too much information.

We worked with Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia to streamline their denotation pages.


Talk to the fundraising experts

Please reach out with any further suggestions or features which you would like to see. Our best ideas come from you, our charity partners

Build your own beautiful donation page today for free.


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