More digital goodies for less

Unlocking more digital tools for less

From today, we’re giving you a whole lot more functionality for less

We know that fundraising is a multi-pronged approach. Fundraisers choose from crowdfunding to email blasts and text messaging to reach your donors.

At GiveEasy, we are constantly building and refining our products to make you more effective as a fundraising professional. Over the past year, we have unlocked a whole new set of features to help charities supercharge their digital giving.

Now we are bringing all these extra features together in one easy to use package, called Save as you Grow.

All your giving tools in one

People are often surprised at how much you can do with the GiveEasy platform.

Yes, we do the basics really well such as online giving and receipts, and are the leaders in text-to-give in Australia. Did you know that with your single account, you can setup crowdfunding, peer to peer giving and even an event thermometer bar?

Our most popular product by a mile is the design-your-own donation pages, which allows you to add your own images, background story and even video.

Personalisation at the exact moment of giving is one of our most highly sought after tools from savvy digital giving managers.

One of the key trends we are seeing with GiveEasy is the use of SMS for communications. Charities are sending messages around bounced credit cards for regular giving, motivating fundraisers and progress updates.

Save as you Grow

As we have so many tools for charities, we have bundled these all together, so that you receive more value for your cause.

You won’t be paying any more but now you will have access to whole lot more! Our Save as you Grow self-service plan for $49 per month now includes:

  • Donation page creator (unlimited)
  • Personalised pre-filled links for your emails (unlimited)
  • Text to Give
  • SMS communication
  • Crowdfunding and Peer to Peer giving
  • And a whole lot more

You can see our Save as you Grow pricing plans for self-service here.

Save as you raise more

We want to help you raise more for your cause, so we have looked at ways to reward the high achievers.

Rewards for raising more

So now, if you raise more than $200,000 over a financial year, we will lower your transaction fee from 3.5% to 2.6%, for donations after the $200,000 mark.

This means more funds for your organisation to grow.

To find out more, here is our new Save as you Grow pricing page.

Free forever is still free forever

Our free plan is still available, so nothing changes here. You can still setup online giving, text to give and crowdfunding, with plenty more tools to get you started.

Why the change?

We want you to make the most of digital giving for good. We understand that sometimes budgets can be a constraint, especially if you have not tried something before.

So, we’ve made it even simpler for you and your organisation to start!

Stay tuned for customised thank you emails

This week we will be releasing the chance to design your own thank you email receipts. It’s just another personal touch to make your donors feel loved and you will be able to do it all via the GiveEasy portal.

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