Offering a helping hand to our Aussie farmers

At GiveEasy, we are lending a helping hand to a number of charities who support our Aussie farmers who are at their brink.

When the chips are down, people just want to give.

What we have found during this drought, is that the charities on the edges of this drought have been inundated with people calling to offer help.

It is important to remember that with very small teams to field the incoming offers for help. In fact, there are a few ways to take the pressure off the teams on the ground immediately.

That’s why we have stepped in to help with quick and easy solutions to assist the teams at the forefront of this drought, with automated tools to manage enquiries, donations and communications.

This is a fever-pitch scenario, that other charities can learn from to prepare their teams. So here is a list of the ways to manage the extraordinary offers of support from afar:


1. Setup a text-to-give number

Text-to-give is by far the fastest, most effective way for people to give across any campaign, particularly if you have national television coverage.

Your supporters can simply text a keyword in to an easy to remember number, and all the paperwork is dealt with through our platform.

At the moment, we have setup:

Text DROUGHT to 0437 371 371 to support Rural Aid.


2. Setup an easy to give fundraising page

As a charity, you can simply take 20 minutes out of your day to setup a fundraising page, which will link directly to your charity bank account, and manage all the receipts, thank you messages and donation processing.

You can see the example that was setup for the Dollars for Dust fundraiser for Drought Angels:

Dollars for Dust for Drought Angels

Text DFD to 0437 371 371 to give.

Remember, if you need assistance setting up these pages, please don’t hesitate to ask, we have done this for hundreds of charities in crisis situations.


3. Setup a community group on Facebook

If you want to reach like-minded people who are strong supporters of your cause, then setup a private group on Facebook for people to give.

For example, a group of pilots got together to donate an hour of their flying time to support the drought affected farmers.


4. Take time out for you. Just reach out, and we can help

We know that working at the frontline can be highly rewarding, but after weeks of campaigning, it can be exhausting.

So if you need support, just reach out, and we can help you to take the fundraising pressure off your team.


5. Give whatever you can

If you want to support the Aussie Farmers who are doing it tough, just give to show your support.

Please give generously to get them through this drought.

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