Reach your runners in the City2Surf

Connect with your supporters in the City2Surf

Yes, it is the City2Surf this weekend!

You can reach your walkers, joggers and runners directly in the City to Surf this weekend.

The countdown is on for the City to Surf just a few sleeps away! With thousands of supporters all preparing for the day, how do you reach them in the most direct, efficient and scalable way?

You can reach your donors swiftly, with an SMS sent directly to their phone. Are you wanting to motivate your runners, share their donation link and thank them for their support?

With an astonishing 98% of SMS messages being read, you can cut through the clutter and be sure your runners are informed in the crowds.

We have a few templates that are easy to setup and reach your donors quickly. These help to:

  • Motivate runners to raise more money
  • Send your best wishes before the race
  • Congratulate supporters on their achievement

Get start with these easy SMS templates

Flexible templates

We know what works, so here are some SMS templates to make the most out of the City2Surf event this weekend.

If you would like to setup any of these, feel free to get in touch.


#1: Last minute donations

Best sent on: Thursday and Friday
Quick reminder to runners and their supporters to give to support your cause.

Hi [Firstname], there’s 48 hours until the big race. It’s a great time to ask your supporters one last time for a donation. So don't wait, share your page now - [Fundraising Page]!

#2: Good Luck SMS

Best sent on: Saturday
Send your runners good luck, and arrange to meet them after the race to say thanks and congratulations.

Hi [Firstname], good luck tomorrow in the race. We can’t thank you enough! We will see you at the finish line with some drinks and food.

#3: Thanks for your smiles, sweat and tears

Best sent on: Sunday
After all the training, early wake-up and time your supporters have given you for the day, they will appreciated a thank you message.

Congratulations for taking part in this year’s City2Surf! We think you are a hero for your efforts and appreciate your donations to Charity. Please join us for a drink in Marquee xyz.

Pre-program your messages

If you want to reach your supporters immediately, then setup SMS for your charity. All messages can be pre-programmed in advance so you too can enjoy the day. It’s just 9 cents per send, and takes less than 30 minutes to setup.

You can signup here: Setup SMS for City2Surf

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