Add an emoji to your next SMS

Happy World Emoji Day!

Did you know that 17th July is now celebrated as #WorldEmojiDay. Yes, that's right! Around the world, people are sending mini icons to capture things that are best expressed in tiny graphics.

At GiveEasy, you can send emojis with your SMS messages.

Choose your favourite emoji

Here is a list of the most popular emojis used with charities. You can choose any of these to add to your next SMS send.

Classic Emoticons
Emoji Unicode Description
😃 U+1F603 Happy Face - Teethy Smile
😄 U+1F604 Super Happy Face - Teethy Smile
😎 U+1F60E Happy Face - Sun Glasses
😅 U+1F605 Happy Face - Sweaty
😊 U+1F60A Happy Face - Rosey Cheeks
😋 U+1F60B Happy Face - Tongue Out
😌 U+1F60C Relaxed Face
😓 U+1F613 Stressed Out Face
😍 U+1F60D Happy Face - Heart Shaped Eyes
😘 U+1F618 Happy Face - Kiss with Heart
😚 U+1F61A Happy Face - Kiss
😞 U+1F61E Sad Face
😳 U+1F633 Flushed Face
😷 U+1F637 Sick Face
😰 U+1F630 Sad Face with Tear
🙅 U+1F645 Woman - Say No
🙆 U+1F646 Woman - Arms Over Head
🙋 U+1F64B Woman - Raise Hand
💁 U+1F481 Woman - Arm Up
🙌 U+1F64C Man - Hands Up
🙇 U+1F647 Man - Relaxed
🙏 U+1F6A4 Man - Praying
💃 U+1F483 Woman - Dancing
👯 U+1F46F 2 Dancers

*** Remember: Unicode characters are larger in bytes and will decrease your SMS character limit from 160 to 70 ***

Why not try it today?

Just give us a call, and we can help you to test out your SMS sends with some new icons.