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Smart widgets working behind the scenes for fundraisers

By Alex Jarkey, CTO at GiveEasy

Sometimes we forget that technology is there to make our lives easier. 

With the press of a few buttons, you can ask your computer to perform complex automated tasks that work away in the background – freeing up your time to get on with more important things. Simply combine a few of these widgets together and you can create a smart and seamless process that give you insights and enhances your role as a fundraiser.

As the CTO with GiveEasy, my role is to oversee the creation of smart tools that give fundraisers the edge on every campaign. 

We are constantly developing tools to streamline the campaign setup so that giving is easy for donors.

Christmas is just around the corner and these next few weeks, we know you will be going live with your digital component of your campaign.

There are a few tools that can significantly shift your campaign, firstly to make giving a breeze, and secondly to help you grow your impact.

These are the top performing widgets that seriously take your campaign to the next level. Be sure to include these elements into your digital campaign to firstly make giving a breeze, and secondly to make your life easier to track, delight and thank your donors.

Top 5: Must-have smart tools for fundraising professionals

Donors want to give the moment they hear about your campaign, so it is vital to create a seamless giving experience, and there are a few smart tools that reward and enhance the generosity moment.

We know that you have spent time crafting your Christmas campaign, you have your powerful story prepared and campaign all ready to go. There are a few things you can do to make sure that donors are right with you from the moment they hear about you.

  1. Choose smart display for mobile vs desktop.
    We have seen that many donation pages are originally planned to include the full background story, video and donation form. To make your life easier, we have developed a few widgets to transform the mobile experience into a short and sharp giving page.

    To streamline the mobile page, we have added read more widgets, and the hide on mobile or show on desktop to get you the best results. 

  2. Get smarter insights with tailored tracking.
    To make the most of your campaign, you want to track which channels are performing best. Do your donors prefer email or social channels? Which email resonated strongly with your donors?Easy to setup tracking links are now part and parcel of every campaign. This one small change is worth the effort, as you can focus all your efforts on only the highest performing channels.Go one step further and  setup tracking codes with your Facebook pixel and Google analytics on the donation page as well as the thank you page.
  3. Less is more when it comes to data fields
    Trust us on this one, you only have about 30 seconds to capture your donor’s attention. So don’t waste this precious time asking unnecessary questions. Think about which additional fields you want to include on your donation pages.Look at your different channels and how to make donating as easy as possible for your supporters. Cut down on unnecessary fields.
  4. Set up smart thank you pages and matching receipts
    Take the time to wow your donors with a tailored, personalised thank you page and matching receipt.This one step alone can make your campaign go viral, as people share their support with social media sharing from easy to use buttons on the thank you page.
  5. Gamify your donation pages
    With a few smart tools, you can make giving even more fun, with live updates, comments from friends and countdown timers to keep your team and donors motivated with live thermometer bar to be part of the crowd who are helping to achieve the goal as a collective.

Our helpdesk is always open

As the features on our platform grow, we have setup a helpdesk to answer questions and to make your life easier.

There are lots of other tips and tricks to get set up successfully. For any other questions or help you may have, our Support Centre has over 60 questions and answers for you.

Good luck with upcoming Christmas campaign! I look forward to seeing some great campaigns come to life.

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