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Social media support

The team at Giveeasy has been writing fundraising posts for our charities and we know what works on social, and can help you to build a well-rounded campaign on the channels that work.

Enhance your campaigns on social media to reach more supporters and attract much needed donations.

We know that fundraising on social media can be a challenge. GiveEasy has developed the tech combined with the strategy to getting you the best results.

Working with over 100 charities on Facebook, we’ve developed the best formula to get the results.

Tech package

Create a page with a goal, allow your supporters to comment and have the best mobile experience possible are just some of the key elements.


GiveEasy also offers support in writing Facebook posts, advice on boosting and best times to post.

We’ve found time and time again, fundraising on social media is a specific art and GiveEasy has the winning formula

Tech + Strategy = results

Get in touch with us today so we can help you maximise your results on social.