Take your donation page out of the wild

Spruce up your donation page in 15 minutes

At GiveEasy, we think that giving should be easy. Marketing and fundraising teams plan outstanding campaigns, only to find their donation page is not flexible enough to mirror the messaging.

That’s why our mission is to find sound solutions for the fundraisers who plan, run and execute donation campaigns.

So we designed a fully customisable donation page that is easy to set up, highly visual, with clever storytelling, and most importantly, converts to donations when needed most.

We recently worked with a grassroots charity, Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Australia to help them with this exact dilemma, and in just two short weeks.

Here’s how we helped the BOS team overcome barriers and overhaul their entire fundraising approach:

Where to start?

Just two weeks away from their major tax campaign, we received a call from Jessica Frost, BOS Australia’s Fundraising Manager.

Jessica says now that the crux of her call was “Help! We are a small charity with very limited resources and no technical support. Is there a way to design and customise our own donation page?”

“We had the trifecta of issues: Limited budget, no way to correctly track donations and a huge call for funds.”

“Immediately, I knew the only solution was to go digital, but I wanted to self-drive. So I asked GiveEasy, and they were developing my dream toolkit right at the time that I needed it.”

Self-drive fundraising

To respond to this call for self-drive fundraising, GiveEasy developed a brand new, entirely customisable donation page,where charities can add images, adjust messaging for different appeals, easily track donations from different digital channels and quantify their ask at the moment of donation.

“We loved being able to create our own customized appeal pages with the GiveEasy platform, without a tech team. We used our own visuals and could dynamically adjust messaging based on our tracking during the campaign.”

Track donation by source:

For the first time, BOS Australia could track donations from their supporters via acquisition source:

  • Website: Landing pages and pop-ups for donation
  • Personalised email: Donations made for each email were trackable
  • Social media versions: Multiple versions trackable by channel and post
  • Google Adwords: Alternate landing pages for search terms

As you can see, charities can now upload images and write tailored stories to engender trust with their supporters at every step along the way.

Here is an example of the donation page created by BOS Australia with GiveEasy.

Test out all channels

“During the campaign, I wanted to understand what would work best for our donors. I know it is difficult for donors to see the same thing over and over again so I wanted to be able to alter the messaging to see what performs best.”

Throughout our tax time campaigns, GiveEasy offered the ability to have multiple appeal pages, that we could seamlessly use across all our channels – from social media to targeted emails.

“It was really simple to provide different links, to see where people donate.”

In just two weeks we could send out nine emails and had three different donate pages, to test what was resonating with our donors.

The results

Jessica and the team were delighted with the results from their new donation approach: “We were astounded at the results. Compared to last year, we tripled our donations, and attracted new supporters during the campaign.”

Tripled results

With the flexible GiveEasy donation pages the BOS team were able to implement tactics they never thought possible and importantly, were able to concentrate on the messaging and data analysis, leaving the tech and ease of donating to GiveEasy.

Average gift increased

The BOS team were amazed to find their average donation amount increased, simply because they asked for more. “We were able to explain the value of donations. How giving a larger amount contributed to greater impact. Giving this context really helped, it made people see where their funds would be used,” said Jessica.

Help twice as many orangutans

An extremely generous supporter pledged $35,000, so BOS Australia arranged to match donations in the lead up to tax time. Donation matching is one of the trends Australian charities are embracing for time-based campaigns. You can learn more about how other campaigns have maximised the power of double donations here.

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