These two tools will increase your digital fundraising by 400% this June

With less than 3 weeks until 30 June, we wanted to share with you two easy ways to significantly increase your digital donations.

These are:

1. Sending a last minute SMS to your donor; and

2. Adding a live donation tracker across your digital channels

GiveEasy has executed over 1,000 tax time campaigns for charities large and small over the past 5 years so we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on the winning formula.


Sending a last-minute SMS

There are so many reasons why sending a last-minute SMS is a must do. It is becoming part of every not-for-profit’s mix so if you aren’t doing it, you are missing out.

  1. Urgency

Firstly, SMS has the highest open rate of any medium we know of - 98% of text messages are read and astonishingly 90% are read in the first five minutes. This is a great way to get those last minute donations right at the end of the financial year.

2. Ease of donation

By pre-filling the donation form, (even including unique amounts for each donor) it just makes it simple to give. No questions asked.

3. Multi-channel approach

SMS fits nicely with your other channels. We can help you draft the SMS copy to mimic the messaging into your campaign and get winning results. For those of you who attended our webinar, we know what words work best.

4. Average ROI - It just stacks up!

Our average ROI at Christmas time was 4.0x – we know tax time will be even better.


Add a live donation tracker - Create momentum heading into 30 June.

We know that supporters want to feel part of a movement. If they see other people giving, it spurs them on to give and in bigger amounts!

So, there is a simple way to do this. Add a live tracker with a goal.

These pages can be created in less than 30 minutes across all your channels – and the best thing? The live thermometer bar ticks up in real time – no refreshing of the page needed!


See an example with Save the Bilby!

Save the Bilby setup a live tracker for their current campaign.

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