Top five giving trends in 2019

Aim for these top five trends in 2019

The techniques that charities are using to change the fundraising landscape.


At GiveEasy, we’re lucky enough to enable thousands of charity campaigns across Australia every year. This means we can easily identify the methods that top campaigners used to maximise donor giving.

Now, you can apply these trends to your campaigns in 2019 to unlock even more support for your cause.

1: Personal touch to the max 

In this age of technology and automation, people want to hear their own name. Personalisation is vital to successful digital campaigns and can be done easily through a variety of touchpoints including:

  • Email copy
  • SMS messages
  • Tax receipts
  • Thank-you pages
  • Personal landing pages
  • Pre-filled donation pages
  • Follow up thank-you messages

You can create a distinct connection with donors by mirroring their donor journey with content tailored uniquely to them.

A great way of doing this is by providing multiple options around donation amounts, depending on their donation history. This allows your donors to form an ongoing connection and to feel that you understand their reasons for giving.

2: Give HOPE to receive

Did you know that the two most successful Christmas SMS campaigns on our platform used the word HOPE? People want to feel that they are part of a solution, and using emotive language is a great way of inspiring donors to give to your cause.

You can also engage your donors on a journey of hope by following up on their donations with a post-campaign update.

Keeping them informed on the impact you are making, builds a strong connection with your cause and creates loyal donors.

3: When urgency calls, digital is the answer

 Some campaigns need to go out right now.

You can setup digital campaigns at the drop of a hat when the need is immediate. By going digital, you can rally your community with an urgent call for support, instead of waiting weeks for the response in direct mail.

One of the best examples we saw last year was when the Australian Conservation Foundation took the federal government to court at 5:30pm. 

They took action by sending out a supporter SMS at 5:31pm.  

Their campaign took just 30 minutes to setup, and they were live as soon as the clock ticked past 5pm.

At GiveEasy, we have developed technology for you to connect with your donors, especially when the need is immediate.

4: Unveiling matched giving

One of the most interesting trends we saw is that large brands are now choosing to invest more in charities thanks to the rise of corporate social responsibility. Charities can pool all of their resources to create one massive day of giving and create a stronger community of donors, supporters and corporate partners.


On matched giving days, corporate gifts can be matched to public donations to amplify impact, and the benefits flow both ways. Corporates feel that they are actively contributing to improve society while donors will be excited that their donations are multiplies to create an even bigger impact.

Reach ran a highly successful Giving Day campaign on our platform and raised over $400,000 in just one day!

You can see the power of a strong community, united together for one day.

5: Seamless giving experiences

Donors respond well to invisible, seamless experiences and expect different yet familiar experiences across mediums and devices. It is important to understand how giving is different across different devices so that you can anticipate your donors need and fulfil them. 

Donor experiences should shift depending on the device they use.

For example, what is it like to donate on a mobile or from emails at work? Donors simply want to give, so be sure to take away any distractions at the moment of donation. Your donors will appreciate making this process as quick and easy as possible, with pre-filled forms to make it swift and easy.


Seamless giving experiences are our specialty here at GiveEasy so get in touch today to start creating successful and beautiful digital campaigns. 

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