What’s new in GiveEasy, just in time for tax

What’s new in GiveEasy - just in time for tax time campaigns

Just in time for tax here we have unlocked new features to help you raise more for your charity.

1. PayPal now available on donation pages

For donors who want an alternative way to pay, we now offer PayPal via our beautiful donation pages (it is now across our entire platform).

Simply send us your organisaton’s PayPal email address and we can set it up in minutes.

Naturally, we still offer credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) across our entire platform.

2. Choose from three flexible templates

You can choose from three templates to suit different giving strategies

·     Default – Build your own beautiful donation page, by adding your own graphics, video and giving narrative.

·     Live thermometer bar – Add a live donation bar to track progress across your campaign. You can even add offline donations and change the target figure as the campaign progresses.

·     Your own amounts – Add tangible giving amounts, so that your donors know what their gift will support

3. Unlocking additional fields

You can now add additional fields into your donation pages, with our new unlimited fields feature. This gives you added ability to ask for a postcode, or address for example.

·     Add additional fields to capture data from your donors

·     Add hidden fields (This is an advanced feature, see next tip)

4. Add hidden fields

One of the advanced features of additions fields, is to include a hidden field, this is perfect for including a Unique Donor ID.

If you track all your givings in your CRM with a Unique Donor ID, you can now access this data, when sending your pre-filled emails.

Now when you send a pre-filled eDM, we can incorporate their unique identifiers, so when your supporters donate this is also downloadable from your GiveEasy portal.

Add Unique Donor ID (Advanced feature)

We know how important donor IDs are for matching donations and campaign monitoring. This feature can be set up when you are building your page.

5. Tracking made easy

With GiveEasy, you can keep track of incoming donations with multiple versions, and tailored content. We now have additional tracking capabilities available on your beautiful donation pages.

You can now also:

·     Embed Google Analytics on your donation page

·     Add a Facebook Pixel to stay in contact with donors who are interested in your campaign.

Simply send us the code and we will put it in the relevant page

6. Duplicate pages immediately

Quick and easy duplication of your most successful pages for effortless editing..

7. Fast track your own vanity URLs for SMS

Setup your own branded URL for SMS giving in one easy step, just ask us how. This has proven to get better results combined with our pre-filling functionality

Contact us at jeremy@giveeasy.org for more information or visit www.giveeasy.org/tax-time/

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