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When to send that last minute SMS for Christmas

When to send that final SMS for your Christmas campaign?

Make the most of the final moments of this decade

We have kept the best tip for last, as we know you will want to offer that last chance for donors who need that final reminder to give.

When should you send your SMS to boost donations?

Christmas is notoriously a busy time of year, no matter how organised you are. We know that your supporters want to show their Christmas cheer with a donation, but need that last minute reminder.

Christmas is a Wednesday this year

As you know, Christmas is a Wednesday this year. So it is really important to send at the right time. We have done thousands of end of year campaigns, so we have some tactics to share:

Three scenarios

1: Send on Monday 23rd December

(Go for urgency)

To catch those who have been meaning to give all year, and have had way too many things to do, this is your chance. Giving via SMS at this time is really easy, as nine out of ten messages are read in the first ten minutes. Your text will also stay on the phone for the next few days to give over Christmas.

2: Send on Friday 20th December

(Get In Before Supporters Leave For Holidays)

Traditionally Friday is a really good day to give, as people are still getting things done before the weekend. It is potentially a lot of your donor’s last day of work or the day before they go on holidays. Just add a simple reminder to give via SMS, and your donors will appreciate the message.

3: Send half on Friday, and half on Monday

(Split test)

This is the best way to get to know your donors and see which messages resonate. You can’t go wrong if you send half and half, as you can test out your messages and optimise the messages to suit your supporters.

Setting intentions for the new year.


I will just leave you with one last idea… In 2020, we are stepping into a brand new decade!

That’s right, not only is 2020 a new year, it will be the start of a new decade.

So think about how to make this relevant for your community.

Sending a thank you SMS or MMS in January is the perfect way to take your donors on a journey with your charity, and say thanks for the generous support of the community.

People appreciate a thank you and what better way to start 2020 than with a thank you message.

We are the SMS experts here at GiveEasy. For further help in setting up your SMS campaign, enquire here. 

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