Why a multi-channel fundraising strategy works best at tax time

Why multi-channel strategy works best

Why a multi-channel fundraising strategy works best at tax time

With 30 June just nine weeks away, now is the time to be visible across multiple channels for your donors to see your campaign, and give generously.

To get the most out of a fundraising campaign a donor needs to see your message more than five times for maximum effect. It is important to cater to your donors needs across different channels and devices to make giving effortless.

At GiveEasy, you can set up a complete multi-channel digital fundraising campaign with ease. We can provide you the entire platform to set up donation pages across your website, emails, social and SMS in 30 minutes, which will result in more income to your organisation at this crucial time of the year.

1. Create a consistent experience for your donors

Start with a beautiful donation page, that brings your campaign to life. You can choose between a variety of fully customisable templates which importantly allow you to vary the experience between desktop and mobile and of course across different channels.

2. Amplify your message to supporters on email

We know the power of email when it comes to giving, even better you can pre-fill your donation pages with donor details including unique amounts to mimic your direct mail appeal and make giving even easier.

3. Get the message out on social media

Social media allows donors to show their support, and stay up to date with how you are. We’ve had enormous success recently even helping organisations write and boost their social media posts for maximum effect.

4. Send a last minute reminder with SMS

Send your supporters a last-minute reminder to make the most of the end of financial year. 98% of SMSes are read, so it is a great mechanism to cut through the clutter. SMS is an urgent tool and coupled with our pre-filling functionality it is an important part of the mix at tax time. We are the experts in knowing what SMS copy gets the best results.

5. Track everything with ease 

Once your campaign is live, you can easily and quickly monitor which channels are working best via our tracking links system.

Choose GiveEasy this tax time

This tax time, make use of the GiveEasy knowledge and expertise to raise you more money across an entire suite of digital channels with ease.

Find the right solution mix for your needs.

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