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Donation & Appeal Pages

We make it easy for you to set-up, design and edit your donation page.

Looking to set up a  Tax-time, Christmas, Giving Day, Peer-to-peer, or Emergency Appeal

We have you covered. Have a look at our examples below for some inspiration!

Tax-Time & Christmas Appeal

Raising money at tax-time or at Christmas doesn’t need to be complicated or hard to do. Our flexible pages with full tracking capabilities puts you well ahead of the pack at a time that matters most.

Giving Day Appeal

Bring your donors together for a 24-hour giving day period with matched donations for greater impact. Add key features to your donation page such as countdown timers, live donation tracker and comments from your donors.

Peer-to-peer Appeal

Crowdfunding or peer-to-peer events are a fun ways to rally a crowd of people around a uniting cause.

Emergency Appeal

In an emergency we make it easy for you to get a donation page up within minutes, so you can focus on raising money for your charity.

We have all the digital tools and gamification tactics to entice and engage your donors. Have a look at what products we offer to make your donation stand out from the rest.