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Give your supporters an effortless way to donate with digital donation pages. 

Looking to set up a tax appeal, Christmas appeal, giving day, emergency appeal, or any other seasonal appeal or event fundraising? We have you covered. Have a look at our examples below for some inspiration!

Campaign Types

Giving Day

Emergency Appeal

Tax / Christmas Appeal

Seasonal Appeal

Organisation Specific Appeal

Event / Gala Fundraising

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100 Story Building

Ella Bucovaz | Marketing Manager

"We were really happy with the outcomes of our Giving Day campaign. It hit all the things that we wanted it to and was really successful. The digital campaign looked great and there was a good energy on the day too."

100 Story Building Giving Day
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Lifeline Australia

Rochelle Nolan | National Manager, Strategic Fundraising

"PURLs through GiveEasy have been a game changer for Lifeline... The results were amazing. We went from eDMs bringing in around $5,000 to bringing in quadruple that!... The personalised landing pages, ask amounts and donation function make each ask truly feel relevant and personalised... our most recent Giving Day exceeded it’s stretch target of $550,000 to finish at more than $593,000."

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Foodbank Victoria

Sarah Cobb | Fundraising Coordinator

"Working with GiveEasy has been both easy and immensely successful for us at Foodbank Victoria... Right from the very start GiveEasy was available to us and within 24 hours we had multiple landing pages, specific to our different causes... We have seen both our income from digital platforms as well as our donor base grow exponentially with GiveEasy – all because of their willingness to help out and the fact that their product is so good – easy to use, simple interface for both the donor and the charity, reports available at a push of a button and fantastic customer support."

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Lost Dogs Home

Sara Lefkovic | Individual & Community Giving Manager

"It’s has been so great working with Jeremy and the wider GiveEasy team on our campaigns this year – it’s been a treat seeing the increase in digital support"

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Kidney Health Australia

Claire Baxter | Head Of Fundraising

"Matched giving days are the secret weapon to time-based fundraising. They increase revenue, reactivate and acquire donors, raise awareness and importantly, they are fun for everyone involved!"

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Donation Page Features

All donation pages include a donation form on the page. This allows you to collect donations from your supporters easily and securely.

All donation forms come with added features such as the ability to add a matched multiplier, regular giving options, custom form fields, dollar handles and multiple payment options. 

Banner Image

All donation pages come with the ability to add a banner image. Banner images help grab your supporter's attention and drive donations when done well.

Banner images are easy to create and upload meaning they can be effortlessly changed as your campaign progresses.

They are also great at communicating your most important message and imagery. 

Copy Block

All donation pages also include a copy (text) block where you can add all the details of your campaign. With persuasive, good copy and use of storytelling you can increase donations and donation amounts, as well as create long-lasting donor relationships and advocates for your organisation. 

With mobile optimised design you also have the option to adjust  your copy on mobile. This is helpful in being able to shorten your message to reduce the scroll amount, poor user experience and donation abandonment.

Embed Videos / Images

Embed and play YouTube or Vimeo videos on your donation page without the donor leaving the page! 

Video provides your audience with a fast and convenient way to consume your content. It also allows you to showcase your organisation and all the good you are able to achieve with donor support. 

Ultimately video and images provide a great way to engage your supporters on an emotional level that goes beyond just text. 


We all love being recognised and treated as an individual. Our relationship with our favourite charity is no different! 

But, personalisation doesn’t just benefit the user. It can also benefit your organisation by increasing conversions, improving customer loyalty, and encouraging customer advocacy.

Not only can you add personalised text to your donation page copy but you can also add pre-filling to your donation form. This is where your donor's details are already completed in the donation form field. Meaning it can be as easy as one click to confirm payment to donate.

Countdown Timer

With a countdown timer you can add a sense of urgency to your campaign by adding deadlines for when people can donate, how long matched giving is available as well as any other incentive you can think of. 

Countdown timers are always a great addition to giving day donation pages to increase donations and donation amounts. It's also a great addition in the last few days of your tax campaign.

Progress Bar

Add a progress bar to your donation page to show your supporters the progress of your appeal. By setting a target amount you wish raise you encourage your supporters to donate to help you reach you goal.

As you edge closer to your goal excitement builds and can inspire those who have not given to donate or even get supporters who have already donated to donate again. 

Read More

The read more feature allows you to give as much information you would like without damaging the effectiveness and look of your page design. 

With the read more feature you can avoid infinite scrolling and overwhelming blocks of text while still having the information available for supporters who are interested. 


A great way to thank your match funding partners or other major donors is by showcasing them on your donation page.

You can do this with our sponsors feature where you can add images of all the related brands helping your campaign.

Social Sharing

Make the most of your organisation's advocates and those donors who want to showcase their support with social sharing buttons.

With social sharing options you increase your campaigns reach and therefore your potential to increase donations and gain new supporters.  


A fun way to add gamification to your donation page is by adding teams. Whether it's different branches / teams of your organisation or multiple corporate partners, adding teams adds a competitive element that makes you want to rally behind your team and raise the most you can.

Each team has it's own donation page that people can donate to. They also have their own progress bar. All teams and their progress bars can be seen on your main donation page.

Comments (Messages Of Support)

Another feature of the donation page is the ability to capture messages of support / comments that supporters can add on donation.

This is not only a great way to engage your donors but also encourages other supporters to donate to your cause.

It is also wonderful way for your organisation to see and feel the love!

Story Block

The story block feature allows you to add more detail and context to your appeal. Organisations have used story blocks to add key details on how they helped a particular person / animal or have used it to contextualise what each donation amount can provide for their organisation.

This is another great feature that allows you to appeal to the supporters emotions and ultimately aims to convert a unsure supporter into donating or donating more. 


We all know how important tracking is in giving us key data to improve our campaigns. With GiveEasy donation pages you can add tracking URLs, hidden fields, Facebook tracking and any other custom tracking codes / scripts you would like.  

With tracking URLs and hidden fields you can segment your campaign channels to see what is performing the best. For example, are the most donations coming from socials, EDM 1, EDM 2, direct mail pack, paid advertising etc.

Facebook tracking also allows your organisation to set up Facebook re-marketing campaigns as well get detailed reports on the success of your campaign and see which ads are driving people to donate. 

All donation pages also have the ability to add custom tracking scripts / codes with one click of a button. 

Automatic Thank You Page & Email Receipt

All donation pages come with a digital thank you page and email receipt that you can also customise.

When your supporter donates they are then instantly taken through to a thank you page for confirmation their donation has been received.

At the same time, the donor is automatically emailed a receipt of their donation to the email address provided.

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