How to contact your regular donors instantly, now that AMEX cards are stopped

How to contact your donors now that Amex cards are stopped

Last week, many of the large banks have discontinued AMEX cards in Australia. From 21 February, these cards have been stopped. This will instantly affect your regular donors whose payments will be declined.

How to get to these regular donors in the fastest, most effective way possible?

a. Get a call centre to call ($11 a call?)
b. Do nothing and expect them to call (wishful thinking)
c. Send them a text to update their details with a quick link prefilled

Use SMS for fast, direct and effective communications when you need it most

SMS is great for communication Remember that text messages are a fast, low cost immediate call to action that is read 98% of the time. SMS a great way to communicate with your donors, with email on the decline and the increasing inability to get hold of donors via phone (let alone the cost).

Benefits of SMS

  • 98% of SMSs are read
  • People can even respond directly to the SMS
  • They are cheap – each 160 characters cost 9c
  • You can easily see reports on bounces and opt outs in real time

At GiveEasy, we have worked with a number of charities who are on the front foot this week, and contacting donors to renew their credit card details.

Here is an example of a text sent this week:

Judy here from CharityAus. We have been advised by several banks that they have terminated Amex Cards. As your Amex card is linked to your generous monthly donation, click here!RhEqz to update your details online, or call me directly on 1300787125, Thank you!

Get the SMS experts to help you

Simply contact us and we can help you get the SMSes out as soon as you are ready.

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