August 14, 2018 4:32 pm

At GiveEasy, we are lending a helping hand to a number of charities who support our Aussie farmers.

Many charities involved in drought assistance have been inundated with people offering their help. While it is amazing, for many small teams it can be overwhelming.

Being clear on what help is needed, who can help, and specifically where assistance is needed is critical. For many people offering to help it may be a case of not physically being able to assist in the front line work. But, that’s not to say these people can’t help in other ways!

Three ways you can manage the extraordinary offers of support from afar:

  1. 1
    Set Up A Online Donation Page
Donations to buy supplies is one of the critical ways people can support our Aussie farmers during this drought.

When you have people all over the country wanting to help, one of the easiest ways to field this support is by asking them to securely donate online. 

Online donation pages require very little set up in terms of time and money which is key when you need to dedicate your resources to the teams on the ground. 

At GiveEasy we are assisting all affected charities with the setup of digital donation pages as we know resources are limited at this time. In as little as 30 minutes we can get your organisation up and fundraising with all donation processing, receipts, thank you messages and donor support automatically managed by our team and software.

All donations are directly linked to your charity bank account meaning funds are available when you need them most.
  1. 2
    Set Up A Text-To-Give Number
Text-to-give is another extremely effective and easy way for people to help and donate that requires very little time and effort from you. 

Unlike email, outbound SMS messages, call centres, mail packs and other fundraising methods text-to-give is an inbound form of fundraising. This means that your organisation isn’t having to proactively reach out to get people to donate. Instead text-to-give works off the naturally generated media coverage of a crisis like a drought and people’s urge to help. 

This is why text-to-give is extremely effective in a crisis, particularly when you have national television coverage or promotion on a big scale as all you have to do is promote your keyword and mobile number. No copywriting, no creating marketing assets, no need for hours and hours of data cleaning and time on the phone. 

How text to give works:
  1. Select a easy to remember keyword
  2. We will provide you with a mobile number that people can text the keyword through to
  3. Promote your keyword and mobile number to those who want to help.
Supporters will then text your keyword to the number and receive a message back with a link to donate. Just like a digital donation page all the donation processing, thank you messaging, email receipts and donor support is managed through our platform which will free up your team to focus on more important things than admin.
Drought Text To Give Campaign
  1. 3
    Create A Facebook Community Group
For those people who are able to help on the ground, setting up a private Facebook group can be helpful when coordinating volunteers and other donated goods and services. 

Creating a Facebook community group is an effective communication tool for easy and instantaneous announcements and updates. It can also be another place to reach like-minded people who are strong supporters of your cause. For example, in one Facebook group a team of pilots got together and offered to donate one hour of each of their flying time to support drought affected farmers. 

Overall, we know that working on the frontline of these crises can be highly rewarding but also can be exhausting after weeks and months of dedication.

So if you need support, please reach out, we like everyone, want to help how we can. And one of the best ways we can support is by helping take some of the fundraising pressure off your team.

Need help With A Drought Assistance Campaign?

If you need support, please get in touch. Our team at GiveEasy can help take some of the fundraising pressure off your team.

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