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What we have learnt from the bushfire appeals

What we have learnt from the bushfire appeals
The tragedy of the Australian bushfires around the country has hit many Australians and will do so for some time. We have been affected by the devastation suffered by our fellow humans and the helpless Australian wildlife but at the same time are marvelled over the generosity of the local and international support as we have seen millions of dollars come through the GiveEasy platforms over the last few months. With the need for an urgent call to action over this period, digital fundraising was the answer to a quick response.

With this in mind, we wanted to share with you 4 learnings around digital fundraising that you could implement into your everyday fundraising.


When an emergency hits, it’s those organisations, that can launch immediately that get most of the donations. Within the hour Australian Red Cross were able to launch a flexible donation page on the GiveEasy platform which gave them the opportunity to start raising funds instantaneously.

TIP: The charities that are “first to market” receive most donations, so if you don’t have the infrastructure ready in place, GiveEasy is there to help launch your donation page.

The bushfires captured worldwide media and therefore an increase in overseas donations. A staggering 25% of donations during the bush fire appeal period on the GiveEasy platform were from offshore.

TIP: It’s important that your donation page and payment gateway can handle overseas payments. You should investigate and speak to your payment gateway to better understand this. We also suggest implementing PayPal, as for a number of overseas donors this is the preferred method of payment.


During the height of this crisis, we saw a type of peer to peer fundraising emerge utilising Facebook. Celebrities used their status to maximise dollars raised and generate interest in those charities close to their heart.

TIP: Don’t disregard the power of your biggest fans! Your volunteers and supporters of your charity can help spread the word about your cause, even better than a celebrity. Find the Celeste Barber of your charity and get them sharing, tweeting and posting!


The swell from corporates was huge and the support showed that Australians wanted to help, and wanted to show everyone else they cared too.

TIP: Look at how you can further engage your corporate supporters to help elevate your charity and at the same time help elevate their brand to show that they care about social responsibility.

We love hearing from our charities
“Working with GiveEasy has been both easy and immensely successful for us at Foodbank Victoria. We have only been on board a very short time and we are already seeing reaping the benefits in the midst of the Bushfire Emergency was amazing. Right from the very start they were available to us with ideas and plans to get a digital fundraising campaign up and running. Within 24 hours we had multiple landing pages, specific to our different causes as well as a comprehensive Facebook ad campaign. We have seen both our income from digital platforms as well as our donor base grow exponentially with GiveEasy – all because of their willingness to help out and the fact that their product is so good – easy to use, simple interface for both the donor and the charity, reports available at a push of a button and fantastic customer support. Thank you again for everything you have done – the GiveEasy donation pages have been amazing. And to have them available for this Bushfire appeal has been so great. Especially with the international audience that seems to have been donating to us. They had trouble with our website form so we directed them to the GiveEasy pages – and that worked a treat.” – Sarah, Fundraising Coordinator from Foodbank Victoria.
We hope that the people affected by the bushfires begin to rebuild their lives knowing they are supported by the organisations that are working around the clock to help our fellow Australians and wildlife affected by this tragedy.
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