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These two tools will increase your digital fundraising by 400% this June

With less than 3 weeks until 30 June, we wanted to share with you two easy ways to significantly increase your digital donations. These are: ...
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Blink and you will miss it

June has arrived so quickly! In the charity world, that means you are right in the middle of your major giving campaign.  To help you ...
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How to boost your givings this tax time

It's not too late to boost your tax time givings Are you looking for that easy solution to boost donations for tax time? It you ...
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4 steps to supercharge your emails

How to supercharge your emails this tax time

Today marks the start of May, when charity appeals will begin arriving in our letterboxes at home. What is the most effective digital equivalent? The ...
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Why multi-channel strategy works best

Why a multi-channel fundraising strategy works best at tax time

Why a multi-channel fundraising strategy works best at tax time With 30 June just nine weeks away, now is the time to be visible across ...
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What’s new in GiveEasy, just in time for tax

What’s new in GiveEasy - just in time for tax time campaigns Just in time for tax here we have unlocked new features to help you ...
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How to contact your donors now that Amex cards are stopped

How to contact your regular donors instantly, now that AMEX cards are stopped

Last week, many of the large banks have discontinued AMEX cards in Australia. From 21 February, these cards have been stopped. This will instantly affect ...
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Make 2018 your best year yet

Make 2018 your best year yet

Make 2018 your best year yet 2018 is here, and GiveEasy has the fundraising tools you need to get your year off to a great ...
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Trends in giving across Australian charities

Giving trends you will have to see to believe We have crunched the numbers and are impressed by the charities who ran outstanding digital campaigns ...
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Top technology upgrades with GiveEasy

Snapshot of top technology tools

Snapshot of technology tools and upgrades Here is look at the top tech tools we developed in 2017, to enhance giving campaigns for the new ...
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21 days to Christmas

21 digital fundraising tips to help you get ready for the Christmas rush

There are just 21 days 'til Christmas We have compiled a list of 21 tips to help you get ready for the Christmas rush! As the digital ...
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Giving can be addictive, just like your phone and favourite coffee

We know that people are addicted to their phones. We simply cannot leave a message unread, or ignore that little bell when a message is ...
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Just add a splash of video

Just in time for your Christmas campaign! We are pleased to unveil a whole new set of game changing features to bring your appeal page ...
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3 golden rules to keep fundraisers and volunteers engaged

3 golden rules to keep fundraisers and volunteers engaged The decision to support a charity or cause is often an emotional one. Fundraisers and volunteers ...
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This Christmas, make giving personal again

It is the little things that make a difference. There is nothing like a thoughtful gift and beautiful hand-written card to make you feel appreciated. ...
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Make this a Christmas to remember

This Christmas, give your supporters a digital experience to remember.

Setup your digital fundraising to make giving a special experience for your donors this Christmas.


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