Don’t waste your precious video in email

Don't waste your precious video on email

🚏STOP! Before you embed video into your next email, you need to read this.

We know that the play video button is the most irresistible item on the internet.

When you send your emails with a video embedded, don't make the mistake of sending your viewers just to Youtube. They will watch the video, but you will miss out on the donation.

You can make the most of this, be adding a simple trick.

How to take create a mock 'play video' button


🚏Create a mock 'play video' button

Create a mock 'play video' button

This is the key to using the power of video. People will want to see the video, and so will click on the play button.

The trick here, is that it is only an image pointing to your donation page.

Start with a simple play icon

Find a play icon that suits your campaign. You can find a PNG file in many image libraries.

Add the icon to a screenshot from your video

This simple icon is the most irresistible button on the internet. Simply add it to a screenshot from your video.

Then use this graphic to send donors to your donation page.


🚏 Add video to your donation page

Be sure to add video to your donation page

This will become the landing page that you send your viewers to, instead of YouTube.

Video is an immersive medium that resonates strongly with donors. So we added this to donation pages for you. Simply insert video clip in the page with a quick and easy button.

Play the video from your donation page

Instead of sending your donors to Youtube, send them to your donation page

You want to send your donors to a place where they can give once they have watched the video.


🚏Pre-fill forms to make donation hassle free

Make giving even easier by personalising the donation form

Now that your donors are watching the video on your landing page, you can personalise the page to make it super simple to give.

Just pre-fill the donation form with first name, surname, email and donation amount.

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