Game changing tools for tax time

What is the game changing tool to wield at tax time?

You may be surprised to hear that it is a simple text message. Yep, the humble text message is opened by 98% of people, making SMS donations swift and easy.

SMS is pretty sophisticated

You can harness the power of text with donations via sms, an excellent way to cut through the noise and raise the stakes at the end of your fundraising campaign.

Timing is everything

There’s no better way to stir up a sense of urgency and inspire last-minute donations, especially at tax time, when there’s a clear deadline.

A short text sent on 29 or 30 June can give your campaign a significant boost, capturing generous gifts from deduction-seeking donors.

More than nine out of ten people open text messages

So there are many reasons to add an eleventh-hour SMS reminder to your campaign strategy:

  • SMS has an excellent ROI

Just ask Oxfam, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and Make a Wish


  • Easy to implement with GiveEasy

Setup an outbound or inbound SMS campaign today


  • SMS is low cost

Sending a text message is an affordable way to reach donors quickly


The easiest giving of all

Since SMS giving is all about urgency, we’ve made sure it’s the fastest, easiest way to donate. Each person will receive a unique link to a donation form – importantly pre-filled with their personal details, to reduce time and hassle.

For anyone who has given before to any of our charity partners, there’s no form to fill out at all. They simply choose their amount and confirm their donation in just 4 seconds flat!

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Increase your donations in four easy steps

At GiveEasy we’ve worked on hundreds of tax campaigns.  We have first-hand experience of what works. Our experts can help you develop your strategy, setup and manage your SMS appeal, and even help you write compelling, action-provoking SMS copy.

Here are four important tips to help you get the very best results.

  1. Introduce yourself.
    Recipients need to know which cause you are from. You can include your charity’s name as the sender ID.
  2. Personalise your message.
    Use the donor’s first name in the SMS to make it more compelling. Even the donation amount can be customised.
  3. Create as sense of urgency.
    The best thing about outbound SMS is that recipients can respond with an on-the-spot gift, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Inspire them to act NOW.
  4. Tie your SMS to the rest of your campaign.
    Repeat the key messages from your current campaigns to make sure your appeal is clear and consistent.

Unlock the power of SMS here



Unlock the power of text

Here’s a great example from Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.
24 hours left to Xmas!
$25 feeds a family of 5 seeking asylum, for a week.
Donate now:

This SMS returned over 15 x ROI at Christmas time. You can view the donation form on a mobile to see the experience.

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