SMS & MMS Fundraising

Engage your supporters with personalised communications year-round.

SMS Fundraising Examples

With 98% of SMS messages being read, you can reach supporters immediately.

We offer top performing, one-click SMS and MMS fundraising services as well as text-to-donate and line rental options.  Take a look at the specific benefits, features and pricing of using SMS below.

SMS & MMS Features

Personalisation & Pre-Filled Links

We all love being recognised and treated as an individual. Our relationship with our favourite charity is no different!

But, personalisation doesn’t just benefit the user. It can also benefit your organisation by increasing conversions, improving customer loyalty, and encouraging customer advocacy. 

Not only can you add personalised text to your SMS message but you can also add personalised links which pre-fills your donation form with the donors details. Meaning it can be as easy as one click to confirm payment to donate.


Give your supporters an easy donation mechanism with text-to-donate. All your supporters need to do is text your set keyword to your specific phone number and they receive a reply instantly with a link to donate to your cause.

The benefit to this is supporters almost always have their phones nearby and are more than happy to donate when they hear a compelling story and ask. 

It can also be a great way to enhance you brand with keywords that relate to your organisation/ cause.

Communicate With Your Donors

You can engage your donors all year round with SMS communication. SMSes don't always have to have a fundraising ask, sometimes they can be used to enhance donor relationships and build loyalty.

Use SMS to communicate on scale about an update, reminder, to touch base, say thank  you or even wish them a Merry Christmas. 

Tell Your Story With Words & Media

A picture tells a thousand words! and with limited characters adding media such as an image or video with your message can be a powerful tool that emotionally engages your donors. 

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) allows you to add an image or video with your text. This can make your messages more attention grabbing and therefore increase open rates and conversion rates. 

Request A Free Tour

Sometimes the best way to know if something is for you is to see it in action! Let us run you through the GiveEasy platform for free and help you find the right solution for you.

SMS & MMS Costs

Enhance donor experiences by scaling your conversations with SMS. Launch a bulk SMS campaign in less than two minutes and take advantage of the immediacy that SMS offers to increase revenue quickly. 

SMS Fundraising

+ GST per SMS

Each SMS is 160 characters. 

MMS Fundraising

+ GST per MMS

Each MMS includes 1 media file and 1000 characters.

Line Rental

+ GST per month

Dedicated phone number that donors can respond to as well as text to give. 

SMS & MMS Add Ons

  • $100 management fee per campaign for the GiveEasy team to set up, test and schedule your SMS campaign for you. 

How To Get Started


Get In Touch

Sending an SMS with GiveEasy is as easy getting in touch and we will set you up with your own SMS account. 


Create Your Message

Once you have your SMS account all you need to do is add your contact list and create your message.


Schedule / Send

Finally all that's left to do is schedule your SMS or send it straight away. 

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