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SMS Unlocked Week 2 – Time Saving SMS Templates

Let’s get you ready for every giving scenario this tax-time


Now that you have the magic sms formula from Week 1, it’s the perfect time to put it into practice by crafting your SMS message.


This week we’ve got some extra special SMS templates for your tax time campaigns that will make set-up a breeze.


We’ve worked with hundreds of charities over the years and know that a last-minute text is the key to reaching your donation goals. With the right elements in your message, you can significantly boost your givings right at the very end of your campaign.


These example templates below are easy to setup and will help you reach your donors quickly.

#1 – Short on goal

SENDER – WonderCharity

Hi Wendy,
24 hours to go! We’re still short.
Help fund our wonderful kids project.
Click to donate $28 by 30 June:
Un STOP 0413000000

Copy to clipboard

#2 – Matched donations

SENDER – ResearchCharity

Hi Alex,
Doubled donations for 24 hours!
$20 turns into $40, $50 into $100.
Donate $75 now to fund research:
Un STOP 0413000000

Copy to clipboard

#3 – Focus on tax deductibility

SENDER – CommunityCharity

Hi Joe,
Provide hope for the homeless by donating $80.
Make a tax deductible donation now at:
Un STOP 0413000000

Copy to clipboard

#4 – Championing a day

SENDER – AnimalCharity 

Hi Ajay,
Today is our Special Day.
Help us reach out goal of $50,000.
Donate now: http:/
Un STOP 0413000000

Copy to clipboard

#5 – Appeal Focussed

SENDER – OceanCharity 

Hi Mia,
This is your last chance to help save the whales.
Click to donate:
Un STOP 0413000000

Copy to clipboard


We’ve broken down the essential SMS messaging for a successful SMS for tax below.

Step 1:

Identify your charity 


Introduce yourself so that your donors know who you are.

This will appear instead of the number so it can be a nice personal touch.

The sender ID can be a maximum of 11 characters. 


Step 2: 

Greet donors with their first name
and a salutation


Use your greetings wisely.

Greet your donor in your own language and keep it short.

If you have the first names of your donors, use these to build rapport in an instant. 


Step 3: 

Use Emotive copy


Choose the most powerful language you can in just
a few words. 

Each SMS is only 160 characters, so emotive keywords are your champions.

Find our list of the most impactful words here


Step 4:

Add unique donation amounts  


Did you know that with SMS you can tailor the donation amount to suit each donor?

You can mimic your Direct Mail asks on SMS.

For smaller organisations, you can use emotive dollar handles. 


Step 5:

Link to a pre-filled donation page


With GiveEasy each link is unique for each donor and leads to a donation form that comes pre-filled with a donor’s first and last name, email and unique ask amount. 

This will not only make mobile giving simple for donors, but also provide the best user experience.


Best practice:

Include an opt-out


At GiveEasy we follow best practice SMS best practice, so we always include an opt-out option for donors. 

This ensures that you’re always talking to engaged donors.


Putting it all together

cropped wrap up

Thanks for joining us for Week 2 of our SMS Unlocked Series.


Now that you’ve seen some templates, experience the magic yourself by signing up to receive an sms with a personalised link to a donation page.


Experience the magic of pre-filled donation forms by texting ‘MAGIC‘ to 0473 000 111 or signing up here.


We are the SMS experts here at GiveEasy. For further help in setting up your SMS campaign, enquire here. 

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