Snapshot of top technology tools

Top technology upgrades with GiveEasy

Snapshot of technology tools and upgrades

Here is look at the top tech tools we developed in 2017, to enhance giving campaigns for the new year.

During 2017, our team powered ahead to bring significant upgrades across the digital giving suite. Our aim is to maximise the success of your digital fundraising campaigns with easy to use products.


Exciting innovations and upgrades from 2017

Below is an overview of the key technology updates, to be sure you are across the exciting new developments in our suite of giving solutions:


Secure digital donationsSecure donations for charities

[Platform enhancement] Feb 2017

This is what we do best, we process secure payments for charities across all platforms and devices. In fact last year we upgraded our payment gateway for a better mobile experience.

Launch of Innovation IndexLaunched Innovation Index

[Report launched] April 2017

As innovation is pivotal to everything we do, we collaborated with charities across Australia to launch the research results of Innovation Index 2017.


Personalised donation formsPersonalised donation forms

[Upgrades to email donations] May 2017

Our developers significantly upgraded pre-filled email giving.

Now it is easier to pre-fill donation forms to an entire email list, completely changing the game for a number of our charities. By simply uploaded an email list, you can personalise the giving experience with name, and unique giving amount.

Unlocking the power of personalised donation forms.

Beautiful donation pagesBeautiful donation pages live

[Product launch] June 2017

You can now create your own donation experience with beautiful donation pages.

Charities can design customised donation pages with their own images, colour scheme and content to create beautiful donation pages. No need for a digital agency, just create your own donation page from scratch.

Take your donation page out of the wild

Flexible templates

Two designs available

[Flexible templates] Aug 2017

With our highly flexible template, you can create your own donation page, exactly as you like.

Simply add your own logo, photographs, campaign story along with regular giving to your donation pages.

See the AskIzzy beautiful donation page

See how St Kilda Mums help babies to sleep safe

SMS upgrades now with charity URLs

Charity links with SMS

[SMS upgrade] Sep 2017

One of our most popular features for large campaigns is to add your charity name to the URL, we have now made this available across all SMS campaigns.

Your donation links will show your own charity URLs for all campaigns via SMS. Remember, with all SMSes sent we pre-fill the donation form, to make giving effortless.

See how Oxfam setup SMS for success



Live donation tracker

Live donation tracker for events

[New events product] Oct 2017

One of the most requested features was for the ability to track donation live at events, so we developed a product purely for this purpose.

Facebook live with Australian Working Dogs

Just add videoJust add video

[New feature for donation pages] Nov 2017

Add video within your donation page for rich storytelling and engagement with your donors. 

You can now add a splash of video

Red Cross donation page

Live thermometer bar

[New feature for donation pages] Dec 2017

Keep the crowd of donors motivated by showing the donation total as it happens.

Red Cross example of donation with live tracker




Exciting enhancements this year

Stay tuned for further announcements

We have a lot more planned for 2018, to supercharge your campaigns. You can follow us on your favourite social media channel to find out more.


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