April 3, 2018 9:12 am

We have 7 new updates to our GiveEasy platform and they couldn’t have come at a better time…. just in time for tax! 

  1. 1
    PayPal Is Now Available
GiveEasy now has multiple payment options. For donors who want an alternative way to pay from credit/ debit card, GiveEasy donation forms now have the option to pay via PayPal. 

To get your GiveEasy campaigns set up with PayPal simply send us your organisation's PayPal address and we can set this up for you in minutes.
  1. 2
    Choose From 3 Flexible Templates
You can now choose from three templates when creating your donation page. Each template has unique key features to suit your different fundraising strategies.

  • Default Template - Build your own beautiful donation page by adding your own graphics, video and giving narrative. This template is perfect for simple campaigns where there isn’t a set fundraising goal or urgent timeframe around the campaign.
  • Live Progress Bar Template - With an added live progress bar feature on this donation page you can engage your supporters by showing how their donations are helping push you closer to your fundraising goal. This template is perfect for short, urgent campaigns where you are raising money for a specific project or cause. You can even add offline donations and change the target figure as the campaign progresses.
  • Story Block Template - This template allows you to showcase 3 key giving amounts and tell your supporters what donating each amount means for your charity. For example, $50 will , $100 will , $150 will …. If you do this correctly you can increase your average donation amount from your supporters. 
  1. 3
    Addition Form Fields
You can now add unlimited additional fields to your donation form. While we do still recommend keeping form fields to a minimum to keep donating easy for your supporters, this new feature gives you the ability to ask for extra information such as their address. 
  1. 4
    Hidden Form Fields
Another new feature relating to donation form fields is your ability to include a hidden field. This is a field that isn’t visible to your supporter but visible to your organisation and comes through on donation submission. Hidden fields are perfect for fields like unique donor ID, which don’t mean anything for your donor but makes your life easier as a charity. Now when you send a pre-filled eDM, you can incorporate their unique identifiers as a pre-filled field that is simply hidden from view. 
  1. 5
    Additional Tracking Options
We now have additional tracking capabilities for your donation pages. Now you can also embed Google Analytics on your donation page as well as add a Facebook Pixel to stay connected with the supporters who have shown they are interested in your campaign. To add these additional tracking options to your campaign simply send us the code and we will add this into the page for you.
  1. 6
    Duplicate Pages Immediately
Now you can duplicate your pages with just a click of a button. All you have to do is click the following button:
Duplicate Button
  1. 7
    Set Up Branded URLs
Set up your own branded URL for your campaigns using a CNAME record. By using a CNAME record you can create links that look like your charity domain instead of using a GiveEasy URL. To set up a CNAME record please read: Setting Up A CNAME Record

Want To Know More About The New Updates?

Get in touch today, and we can walk you through these changes and how you can use them in your next campaign. 

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