July 18, 2019 1:08 pm

At GiveEasy, we see thousands of campaigns run by charities across Australia. This gives us a front row seat to the successful strategies and tactics that get people to give.

For tax time 2019, there were 5 key trends that helped charities achieve success.

  1. Matched Giving
  2. Experimenting With Emails
  3. SMS
  4. One-Click & Pre-Fill Technology
  5. Post-Donation Social Sharing
  1. 1
    Matched Giving
Matched giving is where corporate or major donations match public donations for a limited amount of time or money.

Supporters can then double, triple, or quadruple their donation and impact with the guarantee their donation will be matched by the generous corporate/ major donor. 

Unsurprisingly, the public are excited to donate, and on top of that are wanting to donate more. 

Make matched giving a successful addition to your campaign by adding a:

  • Matched multiplier to your donation form. This allows donations to be doubled, tripled, or quadrupled instantly allowing donors to see the extra impact they are making live.
  • Countdown timer on your donation page. This shows supporters when the matched giving will end.
  • Progress bar on your donation page. This shows supporters the impact their donation is making towards your fundraising goal.
  • Comments to your donation page. This helps build momentum from the community.
  1. 2
    Account For International Donations
Charities are starting to push the envelope to deliver interesting and unique emailsā€¦. And itā€™s paying off!

Experiment with your emails to make them stand out from the crowd. Childrenā€™s Hospital Foundation and Australian Childhood Foundation are just two examples of charities that had success by testing some new ideas:
Children's Hospital Foundation Donation Page

Childrenā€™s Hospital Foundation: A Motherā€™s Heart Warming Letter To Her Daughter

Australian Childhood Foundation Campaign

Australian Childhood Foundation: 5 Children Urgently Need Your Help

  1. 3
SMS allows you to reach your donors anytime with ease. With June 30th falling on a Sunday this year SMS fundraising was a great way for charities to connect with their donors even when no one was in the office checking their emails.

When there is a hard deadline like 30 June for tax time, SMS is the perfect communication tool when there is only a short window to give. Oxfam and Foodbank Victoria are two charities that successfully used SMS for a last minute, urgent ask to help them reach/ exceed their fundraising goals in the last few days of June.
Oxfam SMS Campaign
Foodbank SMS Campaign
SMS Results Across Australian Charities For Christmas 2018:
  • $140 average donation amount via pre-filled SMS fundraising

  • 0.55% average response rate for SMS fundraising

  • 6.5 average return on investment (ROI) for SMS fundraising

  1. 4
    Make Donating Effortless With One-Click* & Pre-Fill Technology
Donors give in the moment, so it makes sense to remove barriers around donating. This tax time many charities are making giving as easy as possible with one-click and pre-fill technology. 

One-click technology* is where supporters can donate with as little as one click. This is  possible for previous donors with the technology using their existing details such as name, email, previous gift amount and payment details to pre-fill the donation form. With all these details pre-filled all the supporter needs to do is click donate. 

Make donating effortless for supporters who have not donated before using pre-fill technology. Take a list of newsletter subscribers, those who have filled out a petition, or similar, and pre-fill their name and email to reduce the steps to donating. Then, all you need to do is send them a personalised URL. 

Childrenā€™s Hospital Foundation used both pre-fill and one-click technology to successfully engage with their previous donors and warm leads. 
Children's Hospital Foundation Campaign
  1. 5
    Post-Donation Social Sharing
Simple and personalised thank you pages with social sharing options can help charities extend their reach at tax time.

Saying thank you in a personalised way had shown a positive impact on donors and increased followers on charity social pages. 

Make A Wish Foundation and Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) are two examples of charities that used simple, personalised thank you pages with asks to share/ follow on socials.
Make A Wish Foundation Thank You
*We are constantly working to improve our systems and technology at GiveEasy. Please note that this specific feature may no longer be available.

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